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Pearson - AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

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Pearson - AWS Certified Solutions Architect (Associate)

English | Size: 2.3 GB

Genre: eLearning



Six and a half Hours of Video Instruction


More than six hours of video instruction covering the knowledge necessary to pass the AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification exam, including an in-depth review of AWS architecture principles and best practices, and technical details pertaining to the implementation of services in accordance with the Well Architected Framework as published by Amazon Web Services.


The AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate Complete Video Course was developed specifically for the latest edition of the exam released in February of 2018. The AWS Solutions Architect Associate certification is ideal for anyone in a solutions architect or similar technical role, and this course is designed to help you pass the AWS Certified Solutions Architect Associate exam. We will cover all the key areas addressed in the exam and review a number of use cases designed to help you ingrain the principles and practices on which this certification is based so that you have an intellectual framework with which to formulate the correct answers. We will use a combination of demonstrations, architectural diagram walkthroughs, and case studies to help you understand the tools available to you for passing the exam. Throughout this course you will gain a deeper understanding of AWS architecture following the five pillars of the Well-architected framework.


Demonstrations of Amazon Web Services and third-party cloud solutions are included to provide a clear guide to understanding the services offered by Amazon Web Services and the needs those services meet. Quizzes are also offered to help viewers gauge their ability to understand and retain the information presented.


Topics include:


Lesson 1: Solutions Architect Associate Certification

Lesson 2: High Availability

Lesson 3: Network Topology

Lesson 4: Application Design

Lesson 5: Network Performance

Lesson 6: Compute Performance

Lesson 7: Storage Performance

Lesson 8: Database Performance

Lesson 9: Leveraging Managed Services

Lesson 10: Identity and Access Management

Lesson 11: Detection

Lesson 12: Securing Infrastructure

Lesson 13: Securing Data

Lesson 14: Cost Optimization

Lesson 15: Operational Excellence


About the Instructor


Richard A. Jones is a certified AWS Solution Architect and an experienced instructor having taught the IT teams of numerous Fortune 500s and postgraduate students at the University of Colorado.


Programming since age 10, Richard has spent more than 25 years furthering his knowledge and skills of information technologies. He studied network switching systems in the U.S. Army, attained a degree in Digital Media, and has a long history of web and mobile application development. Beginning with a funded startup in 2009, Richard has dedicated more than nine years to building reliable, secure, and cost-effective systems in Amazon Web Services, and has taught hundreds of IT professionals how to do the same.


Richard holds seven AWS certifications including the AWS Solution Architect and DevOps Engineer Professional certifications, and the AWS Advanced Networking Specialty certification.


Skill Level




Learn How To


Design AWS environments to be highly-available, fault-tolerant, and self-healing

Design for cost, security, and performance

Leverage automation within AWS

Prepare for the AWS Certified Solutions Architect exam

Who Should Take This Course


The target audience for AWS Certified Solutions Architect Complete Video Course are individuals who will actively participate in the architecture, planning, and implementation of systems deployed to AWS, such as solutions architects, developers, system administrators, and project managers.


Course Requirements


Previous fundamentals training or six months experience with AWS


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Udemy = AcloudGuru is repeating a lot of things. Also, some videos were recorded in 2016/2017 !

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@mavis, can you please help us with the mega or torrent link to this material.


Thank you in advance.

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You can access this via free trial on O'reilly Safari online - 7 days at a time. No Credit Card needed.

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