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Preparing for ITIL for 2018 & 2019

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Hello fellow members, I want prepare for go ITIL Foundation certification, but i need to know what version or variant of ITIL to study for in 2018 & 2019, since i read on axelon website & it was mentioned in one of their article the its going to be upgraded, i checked with CBT nuggets & they have KeithBarker ITIL foundation 2011 cousre but is that course still valid ? I checkd online & there is ITIL v.3 what is it is it any different?

please guide me about

1) ITIL Foundation - What is the exam number for the currnt ITIL-F & how long that exam is going to be valid? since i plan to complete it by 2018ending or early 2019.

2) How long is the validity of certification? like how ccna is valid for 3yrs then you need to recertify.


Thanks, incase this is inappropriate post for this section, kindly guide me to the relevant post of section with updated details for 2018-2019.

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The latest is the one by Keith Barker if I am correct.

The exam was not updated recently, rather the vendor (Pearson Vue) was changed this year.


I believe you can take the exam at only PeopleCert centres now onwards.


Also, the certification doesn't have a validity. That credential walks you to your grave.

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