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INE - Network Automation with Ansible (v2) by Instructor: Eric Chou

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Network Automation with Ansible (v2)


Eric Chou

Instructor: Eric Chou

INE Instructor



Ansible is quickly becoming the automation tool of choice for networking. This course aims to demystifying Ansible and get you up and running. Then move on to the more advanced topics as they are applicable to network automation. This course will be cover the latest Ansible GA release 2.4 with some augments for upcoming development release 2.5.

Course Duration: 04hrs 33min





Section 1. Course Introduction

Course Introduction 6min

Why Network Automation 2min

Why Ansible 5min

What is new in version 2 4min

Total Duration: 19min

Section 2. Installation and Lab_Setup

Network Lab Setup 5min

Ansible Installation 3min

Running Alternative version of Ansible 6min

Total Duration: 14min

Section 3. Ansible Overview

Ansible Overview 6min

Ansible Overview Playbook 1 9min

Ansible Overview Playbook 2-1 8min

Ansible Overview Playbook 2-2 6min

Ansible Overview Gather Facts 3min

Ansible Overview Debug and Troubleshooting 7min

Total Duration: 42min

Section 4. Ansible Inventory

Ansible Inventory 5min

Ansible Inventory Examples 7min

Total Duration: 13min

Section 5. Ansible Variables

Ansible Variables 8min

Ansible Variables Examples 6min

Total Duration: 14min

Section 6. Ansible Playbooks

Ansible Playbooks 9min

Ansible Playbooks Examples 8min

Total Duration: 18min

Section 7. Ansible Network Automation Trends

Ansible Network Automation Trends 13min

Ansible Declarative Example 8min

Total Duration: 21min

Section 8. Ansible with Cisco

Ansible with Cisco Overview 7min

IOS Commands 10min

IOS Config 4min

IOS-XR Setup 8min

IOS-XR Command and Config 4min

NX-OS Command and Config 4min

Total Duration: 40min

Section 9. Ansible with Arista

Ansible with Arista 5min

Total Duration: 5min

Section 10. Ansible with Vyatta

Ansible with Vyatta 3min

Total Duration: 3min

Section 11. Ansible with Juniper

Ansible with Juniper 7min

Ansible with Juniper Example 1 4min

Ansible with Juniper Example 2 2min

Total Duration: 15min

Section 12. More Ansible Playbooks

Multi-Play Playbooks 3min

Templates 6min

Conditionals 6min

Ansible Vault 3min

Total Duration: 21min

Section 13. Ansible Roles

Ansible Roles Overview 5min

Ansible Roles Example 4min

Total Duration: 9min

Section 14. Ansible Tower and AWX Project

Ansible Tower and AWX Introduction 4min

Ansbile Tower and AWX Example 6min

Total Duration: 10min

Section 15. Create Custom Modules

Create Custom Modules 12min

Total Duration: 12min

Setion 16. Ansible with AWS Networking

Ansible with AWS 6min

Total Duration: 6min

Section 17. Course Conclusion

Course Conclusion 2min

Total Duration: 2min

End of Course

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