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CCIE Security Passed Lab ( Configuration Video )

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Dears Brothers and Sisters,


Please find bellow My configuration Video ( 100 % ) Correct and please follow the same procedure.

Please do not follow PSL Solution Procedure as my 5 friends already failed.

I am not against of any one or in favour of any one but i know 1600$ is very very big amount and i spend 8 months to arrange the same for my lab.

You can share the video with friends and i am available to answer you if any.

You can ask question on board only beause mailbox is not working.

Thanks Certcollection.org officers who create and manage such Best Portal specially for poor who cannot purchase any stuff because of money and they are getting it here free. ( Salute )



Please find bellow Configuration LAB UNL File




Insha Allah i will share other stuff


Use hide tags while posting download links.

Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces)

Assalamu a laikum Newbie, the provided link is not working please share the new link

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Hi Guys, please help me understand the config for the NGIPS, whereas in the workbook Rule2 says that the network should be in external zones.

In the video he is directly calling the object by name anyconnect and not

please can anyone explain?



Does the anyconnect object contain the network ?

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