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TS2 BT1 DMVPN and DHCP Services

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Hi everyone


I've been having some doubts in regards of what would be a "valid" solution for either DMVPN issues and DHCP (which are not only related to TS2 but other CFG labs).


In DMVPN, when no DR is required to be configured, I see that every single Hub and Spoke changes its network type to P2MP. Which is absolutely valid. But is there any penalty for changing the type on the Hub only? I'm sure it achieves the same exact purpose.



Instead of


#ip ospf network point-to-multipoint (in all interfaces) (requires 3 commands)


Could this be also a valid solution? (also 3 commands)


#ip ospf net point-to-multipoint (in hub)

#ip ospf hello 10 (in hub)

#ip ospf dead 40 (in hub)



Another thing is that, for DHCP services, where the main issue is always an incorrect client-id, I see that the change is done at DHCP router level (sometimes , there are 2 of them, using the same client-id which is wrong on the Client).


Wouldn't a better solution would be to add a mac-address command matching such client-id on the client, instead of changing these on the servers? It works for the same purpose, but workbooks usually change these at router.



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For the first question I think I've found it.


When using P2MP on hub only, /32 from hubs won't be shared through hubs, only to the spoke, as it is basically an NBMA. When using P2MP on all spokes, all /32 routes from tunnel interfaces are known to each spoke.


For the second one, I still don't know if changing mac on client instead of client id on routers would be a valid option.


Also, in IPV6 BGP/OSPF reachability (question 6)

Instead of using the network command in bgp on R15, we could just redistribute the entire OSPFv3 domain on BGP, it also leads to the same resolution, is it valid?

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