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Pass+Pass+Pass=Fail 2nd attempt

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There was an email from @userxyz and I couldn't reply back, as I don't have the rights to reply... so, I am going to reply here and you can check it out....


Yes, for ticket 3, have to advertise the ebgp network between R12/R22 and R13/R23, so the traffic can flow through R12/R13 to DC2... You ONLY add the networks if the traffic is NOT flowing from DC1 to DC2, then you don't need to touch the route-map or metric assign to it.... another option, if the traffic is flowing without adding the networks, but using the wrong exit for even and odd networks, then check the route-map for metric assign and adjust them... so, you can see they can make number of changes to same question and had to understand the flow of traffic... pay special attention to this question and see what's the flow of traffic, change one thing and verify and then move to further troubleshooting... don't just jump to adjust the route-map metric on either R12/13 or R22/23... this is true for each and every ticket...


Ticket 4, there's was a restriction not to touch bgp attributes, that's why changing the R20 lo0 to higher ospf cost, as the DC2 RR will chose the lowest IGP metric... as in this case, it says not to touch bgp then the best option is to adjusts underlay routing protocol (as bgp protocol rely on IGP to forward the traffic) in this case was ospf and changing the cost makes the other edge router preferred exit point...

In Spoto/C4C solutions; We have redistribution of OSPF Routes into BGP at R12/R13/R22/R23.

Is it same in real lab and even then we need to advertise Networks at those routers (R12/R13/R22/R23)??

2nd Q: if we increase ospf cost to 1000 at R20 -Interface lo0; it can work if we ping/traceroute from Server 1 to Large Office. But does it work if we ping/traceroute from R41 to Server 2 IP Address?

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