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Art Carapola - The Data Center Builder’s Bible - Book 1

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Art Carapola - The Data Center Builder’s Bible - Book 1: Defining Your Data Center Requirements: Specifying, Designing, Building and Migrating to New Data Centers


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Every year more and more Information Technology teams are finding themselves needing to build a new Data Center and relocate their current environment to that new site. The massive challenge of building and migrating a Data Center to a new location requires a unique set of skills that are almost never available in a typical IT department. The stakes are huge. Fail in the effort for a seamless – as in invisible – migration can result in anything from a destroyed career to a failed business.


The skills needed include understanding how to define your data center requirements, site selection skills, data center design and build skills, a solid understanding of Data Center Critical Infrastructure as well as Application and Data Migration, specialized project management skills, and incredibly broad knowledge across technologies.


This book is part of a five-book series called The Data Center Builder’s Bible. The series will take you from the first moment you learn (or decide) that a new Data Center project is necessary, all the way through the completion of relocating all the essential technology and applications to the new site and returning your old site to the landlord.


This Book 1 of the Series, “Defining the Requirements of your Data Center,” is a 200+ page (print version) deep dive into two aspects of the overall project:


Data Center Basics– For the Newbies looking at this book we will spend some time at the very start talking about what a Data Center is, and the different types of Data Centers you will come across. Also, we will explore how your deployment will differ if the new site is a primary production site or a disaster recovery failover site.


Defining the Requirements – Before you can even start selecting a site for a new Data Center, you need to have clarity about the requirements for your new site. Data Center operators have specific ways of defining their facility and services, and you need to map your requirements into the same measures as the Data Center industry uses to design their proposals.


In this book, you will learn what those measures are and how to present them to the potential vendors. We will cover how to define the amount and types of space you will require, how much power, how you want it delivered and how you want the Data Center Operator to bill you for your power consumption. We will talk through site locations, cooling, and security requirements, availability and efficiency goals and the need for clarity regarding network and carrier provisioning.


See also another great book by Art Carapola here: Lord of the Infrastructure: A Roadmap for IT Infrastructure Managers


If you have the

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of this series, kindly share it.

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