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looking for these courses

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CS 137 — Programming Principles

CS 138 — Data Abstraction and Implementation

MATH 115 — Linear Algebra for Engineering

MATH 117 — Calculus 1 for Engineering

MATH 119 — Calculus 2 for Engineering

MATH 135 — Algebra for Honours Mathematics

ECE 105 — Physics of Electrical Engineering 1

ECE 106 — Electricity and Magnetism

ECE 124 — Digital Circuits and Systems

ECE 140 — Linear Circuits

SE 101 — Methods of Software Engineering


CHE 102 Chemistry for Engineers

ECE 222 Digital Computers (includes assembly language)

ECE 358 Computer Networks

MATH 213 Advanced Mathematics for Software Engineers

MATH 239 Introduction to Combinatorics

STAT 206 Statistics for Software Engineering

MSCI 261 Engineering Economics: Financial Management for Engineers

CS 241 Foundations of Sequential Programs

CS 240 Data Structures and Data Management

CS 247 Software Engineering Principles <- not required for Computer Science majors

CS 341 Algorithms

CS 349 User Interfaces <- not required for Computer Science majors

CS 343 Concurrent and Parallel Programming <- not required for Computer Science majors

CS 348 Introduction to Database Management

SE 212 Logic and Computation

SE 350 Operating Systems

SE 465 Software Testing and Quality Assurance

SE 464 Software Design and Architectures

SE 463 Software Requirements Specification and Analysis

SE 490 Design Project

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