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Red Hat Linux 8 Server - Mohammed J. Kabir

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I don't recommend to use such an ancient book to study even if you'll manage to find it. Anything older than 5 years, excluding some fundamental subjects, should be avoided, as technologies leap too fast. Red Hat Linux is obsolete for ages, stick to RHEL 6+ (or even 7+).

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Thease are the chapters


* Work as the root user by controlling, monitoring, and automating programs

* Setup BIND, Apache, MySQL, Sendmail/Postfix, and Wu-FTPD/Pro-FTPD

* Establish servers for intranets and the Internet

* Speed up user experience with the transparent Squid proxy server

* Use a Samba server to set up file and printer sharing between Linux and Windows systems

* Secure your server with netfilter, firewalls, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and more


The Web site features links to the following:

* Source distributions of Apache, Perl, PHP, OpenSSL, OpenSSH, and MySQL database + development

* ProFTPD source and/or RPM distribution

* qmail distribution

* Open source version of Tripwire distribution

* Squid proxy server

* Other open source utilities and security tools


I dont think it has something rare so that I can buy this.

Besides, the book is very cheap from amazon. Its not bad If anyone buy this.

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just read official rhel manuals, its full doc. Without any crap and shit

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