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How best should I setup my Lab with all the Kit I have

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Hi All,


In short, I've been mostly out of the networking space for some 15 years and have decided that I want to get back in the game and sit some certifications and setup my home lab.


I've been fortunate enough to pickup ex production cisco gear that was marked for recycling as well as secondhand gear through local classifieds over the past year. I am not intending on keeping all of my gear but I wanted some recommendations on what gear I should keep so that my lab will satisfy testing for CCNA, CCNP, Wireless, Security and Voice.


I have attached an excel spreadsheet with a list of devices here:

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The current plan is to use at least the following in my lab from my list just to get me started and add some devices later to test the more complex stuff such as voice and security:

4 x 1941 routers with vwic-mft-t1/e1 cards

4 x 3750-X switches (2 can be used stacked)

2 x 2960-S switches

1 x AIR-CT2504-K9 WLC

2 x AIR-CAP3502i-N-K9 Access Points


I have the option of obtaining a pair of ASA5505 security appliances and 3 x 1841 routers with 4 x WIC-2T cards provided really cheap. I also have an additional 4 x WIC-2T and a number of WIC-1T cards as well but I only have 2 routers capable of accepting WIC-2T cards. The rest of the routers I have in my list require HWIC cards, which I don't have serial wise but do have VWIC2-MFT-T1/E1, which I can connect the routers together with. I believe that you can also setup a switch like a Metro Ethenet switch to connect all the routers together.


Any recommendation or help would be much appreciated.


Thanks in advance.

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