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On 8/28/2020 at 3:52 AM, Jony Cici said:

Can anyone confirm if the below questions are in the updated 350-701 exam?



__ security solution protects remote users against phishing attacks even when not VPN connected.


__ can share data between multiple security products.

Rapid Threat Containment
(Platform Exchange Grid)

Username admin privilege 5
Privilege interface level 5 shutdown
Privilege interface level 5 ip
Privilege interface level 5 description

The admin will be able to __.
Add a sub-interface
(Do nothing useful as it relates to configuration)
Configure anything
Configure an IP address

__ threat involves software being used to gain unauthorized access to a computer system.
NTP amplification
HTTP flooding
Ping of death

__ ISE probe can identify a hosts OUI.

__ is a feature of the open platform capabilities of DNA center.
Automation adapters
Domain integration
Application adapters
(intent-based API)

__ is a common trait of DMVPN and FlexVPN.
Both use IS-IS
Both use the same hashing algorithms
Both use IKEv2
(Both run the same NHRP code in IOS)

__ telemetry data captures variations seen within a flow including TTL, TCP Flags, and Payload Length.
Flow insight
Process detail
Software package

__ command enables AAA globally so that COA is supported on the device.
aaa new-model
Auth-type all
(Aaa server radius dynamic-author)
ip device-tracking

__ is the compliance status when a device fails the posture policy in ISE.

__ and __ are transparent redirection techniques to send HTTP/S traffic to a WSA.
Using PAC files
(Policy based routing)
(Web Cache Communication Protocol (WCCP))
Manually point to the proxy via settings in the browser

__ and __ are characteristics of messenger protocols that make data exfiltration difficult prevent and even detect.
(Traffic is encrypted)
Malware infects the messenger application
(Messenger application cannot be segmented via standard controls)
All out bound traffic of end users is allowed
An exposed API for the messenger application can send large quantities of data

__ is a benefit provided by ensuring an endpoint is compliant with a posture policy with ISE.
It adds endpoints to identity groups dynamically
(Verifies the endpoint has been patched)
Allows an endpoint to 802.1x authenticate
It allows CoA if an endpoint is compliant

__ is a social engineering attack.

__ and __ are differences of FlexVPN vs DMVPN.
DMVPN can use IKEv1 only
DMVPN can use IKEv2 only
(DMVPN can use IKEv1 and IKEv2)
FlexVPN can use IKEv1 only
(FlexVPN can use IKEv2 only)
FlexVPN can use IKEv1 and IKEv2

Interface f0/1
switchport mode access
authentication port-control auto
authentication port-control protect
spanning-tree portfast
__ command is missing to successfully implement 802.1x.
Authentication open
Dot1x reauthentication
(Dot1x pae authenticator)

__ is the means DNS tunneling exfiltrates data from an organization.
Redirects DNS requests
Corrupts DNS servers by replacing real IP addresses with malicious ones
Leverages one DNS server to spread attacks to others via recursive lookups
(It uses an encoded payload with BASE64 characters or other character sets which the DNS server rebuilds the stolen data)

*Sep 21 08:33:43.425: ISAKMP: (1011):Input = IKE_MESG_INTERNAL,
*Sep 21 08:33:43.425: ISAKMP: (1011): Old State = IKE_I_MM5 New State = IKE_DEST_SA
__ is the likely reason for the tunnel not working.
Hash algorithm mismatch
(Authentication key mismatch)
Encryption algorithm mismatch

__ and __ tasks configure Netflow on an ASA.
(Create a class map)
Create an ACL permitting udp 9999
Enable version 9
Apply an exporter to the outside interface inbound
(Define a Netflow collector using the flow-export command)

__ command is correct to configure an SNMP server. Assume username of U1, group name G1, and the source interface of inside.
snmp-server host inside snmpv3 U1
snmp-server host inside snmpv3 G1
(snmp-server host inside version 3 Andy)
snmp-server host inside version 3 G1

__ will share data between devices, is open, based an IETF standard and scalable.
(Platform Exchange Grid)
Multifactor Platform Integration

__ and __ are rootkit types.
User mode
Buffer mode

To configure Netflow on an ASA use __.
(flow-export destination Inside ####)
ip flow-export destination Inside ####

__ will use botnets.
TCP Flood

__ is the purpose of the context directory agent.
(Maps ip addresses to usernames)
Maintains group memberships
Relays user authentication
Accepts user authentication requests for the WSA

Yes. This is the latest question. Can share the info. Many thanks

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6 hours ago, Jony Cici said:

this forum is dead, nobody helps here.

Or no one has what you are looking for at this time.

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if there are no updates and nobody have taken exam recently, then have to wait patiently or may be need to attempt with what we know. 
Thinking of appearing within two weeks time now.

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valid dump shared here. dump is valid. i passed today using it. hurry!


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