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350-901 Devnet Core

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15 hours ago, lin13 said:

Thanks for feedback. 

Refer to the exhibit. The Python script is supposed to make an API call to Cisco DNA Center querying a wireless profile for the "ChicagoCampus" and
 then parsing out its enable FlexConnect value.
Drag and drop the parts of the Python code from the left onto the item numbers on the right that match the missing sections in the exhibit

As I am still studying  I've found other questions that are  questionable

A client is written that uses a REST API to interact with a server. Using HTTPS as the transport, an HTTP request is sent and received an HTTP response.
 The response contains the HTTP response status code: 503 Service Unavailable.
Which action is the appropriate response?
A.Add an Authorization header that supplies appropriate credentials and sends the updated request.
B.Resend the request using HTTP as the transport instead of HTTPS.
C.Add an Accept header that indicates the content types that the client understands and send the updated request.
D.Look for a Retry-After header in the response and resend the request after the amount of time indicated.
Correct Answer: A -> should be D

Refer to the exhibit. Two editors are concurrently updating an article's headline from their mobile devices. What results from this scenario based on this REST API sequence?
A.The article is marked as "Conflicted"
B.The article headline is "Monday Headlines"
C.The article headline is "Today Headlines"
D.The article headline is "Top Headlines"
Correct Answer: B -> D?

I see that numbers in our questions don't match, can you PM me, maybe you can share your file?

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On 10/8/2020 at 12:17 AM, anynameccie357 said:

This is dump has lots of mistakes, so even if the questions are the same you will not be able to pass with this dump. From first 10 questions I would say 5 questions are wrong.

HA with minimum downtime should be active/active in my opinion,

regarding pipeline I think more suitable answer should be about code compilation,

12 Factor app says it doesn't care about log files and log indexing and analysis systems seems to be a better answer then D because D is definitely wrong based on 12 factor methodology

Orchestration and automation based on the scope of tasks should include NSO, here I'm not sure with ansible or without but probably with

and SQL injection is definitely about user input validation not DB flaw

thats why i shared to identify correct answers. i did not say this is accurate dump.


thanks for correction

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