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advanced fuzzing

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hello, i am looking for some advanced course on fuzzing: something that is not about afl/winafl or spike/sulley/etc, that teaches modern approaches to fuzz modern binaries (including methodologies or tactics), code coverage, instrumentation and modern approaches on different black/grey fuzzing techniques. mostly interested in: kernel fuzzing(anything newer than syzkaller), binary fuzzing(elf/pe), bootloaders, iot and android related and advanced tactics on code coverage and fuzzing optimization(for instance sanitization, optimizing corpus and similar).

revsec shared here a great free course on binary reversing, and i was hoping for similar courses that deal with modern fuzzing for vulnerability hunting.

thank you very much. pretty sure a lot of people can benefit from such a share

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thanks, but i meant kinda after the sec consult slides... (used them a lot to learn the basics(even though i would really appreciate having the dynamorio code he wrote to understand it better, or a good workshop on dynamorio).

anyway, there are a lot of "modern" fuzzers for a lot different architectures or systems and purposes, and a lot of offsets afl/libfuzz/hongfuzz and similar. at each conference someone makes an offset and it's hard to understand what is good or bad, or modern optimizations for fuzzing.

if you come across something more advanced than the "art of fuzzing" slides you've given here, please share, especially if it contains interesting harnesses or interesting example on how to make the coverage better, speed optimizations, corpus optimizations and such.

anyways, thanks for sharing 🙂 nice to know people here are actually learning material and not collecting courses

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i just discover this (thanks to prado)

Hidden Content

    Give reaction to this post to see the hidden content.

they use advanced technics to fuzz .hope one day we see their training leaked ...



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