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some Security Books/Courses

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3 hours ago, betweengap said:

I also have the followings:
SEC760: Advanced Exploit Development for Penetration Testers - 2019 - FULL
Open Source Intelligence Techniques - 7th Edition (2019)
Embedded/IoT Linux for Red-Blue Teams
Dark Side Ops: Malware Dev
Dark Side Ops 2: Adversary Simulation code - I will support you if you have any question regarding codes Ex: how they work, improvements- be aware that it's only the code of course
1 Day To Forensics Mastery 2.0
Exploit Development Student - FULL



Can you share these as well? Thanks!

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3 hours ago, isign said:

Can you share these as well? Thanks!

be sure that I will share them when I get one of the these courses:
Advanced Fuzzing and Crash Analysis
Zero 2 Automated
Adversary Simulation and Red Team Tactics by MDsec

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what you got is stuff that was publicly uploaded by others or commonly available(the books for instance). why not share what you got to help other people who try to learn as well and can't afford the expensive training in those difficult times?

i don't have dark side ops and one additional course, but i am sure that you got it from some forum or telegram or p2p and you are trying to use that in order to trade/sell, which is not okay, as the people who shared their stuff with you did it for free to help you and others grow and develop. this is not your stuff and you can't sell stuff that does not belong to you. what we share here, we share because a lot of people just can't afford paying a lot of money for knowledge, to help each other.

selling other peoples work is not right in my opinion.

if anyone here knows additional places to get courses (knowledge - not collecting), then please share. i believe that there's a lot of insight and cool tricks that can be taught from courses like dark side ops, offensive security and similar. thanks

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