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11 hours ago, trgoncalves said:

Thanks for sharing!!

22 new questions and the others 38 from the 80q dump?

Yes. 22 new questions. question # 81 to question # 102 in attached file.
38 questions were from old file but there were few questions with wrong answers,  i have updated them with the right answers.

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What occurs when a Cisco ISE distributed deployment has two nodes and the secondary node is deregistered?

A. The primary node restarts

B. The secondary node restarts.

C. The primary node becomes standalone

D. Both nodes restart.


Your answer B.


Should not be D?


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Effects of Modifying Nodes in Cisco ISE

When you make any of the following changes to a node in a Cisco ISE ISE, that node restarts, which causes a delay:

  • Register a node (Standalone to Secondary)

  • Deregister a node (Secondary to Standalone)

  • Change a primary node to Standalone (if no other nodes are registered with it; Primary to Standalone)

  • Promote an Administration node (Secondary to Primary)

  • Change the personas (when you assign or remove the Policy Service or Monitoring persona from a node)

  • Modify the services in the Policy Service node (enable or disable the session and profiler services)

  • Restore a backup on the primary and a sync up operation is triggered to replicate data from primary to secondary nodes

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What are the three default behaviors of Cisco ISE with respect to authentication, when a user connects to a switch that is configured for 802.1X, MAB, and WebAuth? (Choose three)

A. MAB traffic uses internal endpoints for retrieving identity.

B. Dot1X traffic uses a user-defined identity store for retrieving identity.

C. Unmatched traffic is allowed on the network.

D. Unmatched traffic is dropped because of the Reject/Reject/Drop action that is configured under Options.

E. Dot1x traffic uses internal users for retrieving identity.


Your answer:


Because you need WebAuth in the actions configured under Options should be Continue so i think the right answer are A,B,C

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can someone share their opinion related to the questions... and how their exam did go ?

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