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vSphere 7X - 2V0-21.20

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Can someone answer these questions 

1. When deploying a vCenter Server Appliance, which two single sign-on (SSO)-related options are
presented to an administrator? (Choose two.)

A. Repoint to another domain
B. Reset Single Sign-On password
C. Join an existing vCenter Single Sign-On domain
D. Create a vCenter Enhanced Linked Mode group
E. Create a vCenter Single Sign-On domain


2. A virtual machine with a single 100 GB virtual machine disk file has a single 20 GB snapshot. The virtual machine is powered off.
How much additional free space on the datastore is required to delete the snapshot, committing the
snapshot delta disk to the base disk?

A. 120 GB
B. 100 GB
C. 0 GB
D. 20 GB

Answer : 

3. Which two vSphere features enable remote site availability? (Choose two.)

A. Proactive High Availability
B. vSphere Replication
C. Cross vCenter Migration
D. vSphere Fault Tolerance
E. vSphere vMotion


4. A recently deployed set of test virtual machines are impacting the performance of a company
development team project datastore. The shared cache server appears to be suffering from storage
Storage I/O Control is already enabled on all company datastores.
Which two steps should the administrator take to improve the performance of the cache server? (Choose two.)

A. Configure storage shares per virtual machine.
B. Configure the path selection policy.
C. Create a claim rule to control the storage path.
D. Configure storage limits per virtual machine.
E. Update the storage provider for the existing array.

5.Which solution can be used to automatically deploy a fully configured VMware software-defined data center (SDDC)?

A. vSphere Lifecycle Manager
B. VMware Cloud Foundation
C. vRealize Suite
D. vCenter Server


6 .An administrator adds an additional host to a cluster and is attempting to remediate the configuration with a host profile.
Which option would the administrator select on the host before it can be remediated with an existing host profile?

A. Export Host Profile
B. Attach Host Profile
C. Export Host Customizations
D. Copy Settings from Host


7.What is a requirement of Storage I/O Control?

A. Storage connected through Fibre Channel
B. Automated storage tiering capabilities
C. Management by a single vCenter Server
D. Datastores with multiple extents

8.Which two storage technologies can an administrator use to deploy the Virtual Machine File
System (VMFS)? (Choose two.)

A. iSCSI storage
B. vSAN storage
C. Fibre Channel storage
D. Virtual Volumes storage
E. NFS storage


9.An administrator runs third-party software in a virtual machine (VM). The third-party licensing
agreement requires payment of a license fee for each host to which the VM migrates.
How can the administrator configure Distributed Resource Scheduler (DRS) to minimize licensing costs?

A. Create a 'Virtual Machines to Virtual Machines' dependency rule.
B. Create a 'Virtual Machines to Virtual Machines' affinity rule.
C. Create a 'Must run Virtual Machines to Hosts' affinity rule.
D. Create a 'Should run Virtual Machines to Hosts' anti-affinity rule.


10.Which local only host utility is used for primary, real-time performance monitoring in vSphere?

A. esxCop
B. top 
C. resxtop
D. vSphere Command-Line Interface (CLI)


11.An administrator wants to ensure that when virtual machines (VMs) are powered on. Distributed
Resource Scheduler (DRS) places them on the best-suited host. When the cluster becomes imbalanced,
the administrator wants DRS to display recommendations for manual VM migration.

Which DRS automation level should the administrator select?

A. Disabled
B. Fully automated
C. Partially automated
D. Manual


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