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hi.. there are many spoto on the internet at this time.. and the spoto known as 591lab is not offering the CCIE EI lab workbooks.

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On 1/13/2021 at 9:23 PM, mambakaramba231 said:


I just saw that spoto is offering CCIE EI workbooks. Has anyone tried that?


Please Do not go through SPOTO's WB

suppose, How I can describe spoto for you !!!! nothing , leave it , Because maybe it is taken as rude CM, anyway

there are a few companies for this purpose

SPOTO Never can provide WB, Just cracking is the main goal of spoto

and anyone with Test and Error and sending 10s of candidate to exam and passing million hours and has 100 hours dedicated time , can crack even though you can also solve 100% of any CCIE Lab (without exaggeration in 10 or 12 Hours if you prepare well )

INE, Narbik , ..... can be counted as  a good source


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Test and Error method I mean

CCIE is time-matter not 100% of knowledge-matter

CCIE is not entirrely knowledge, further that , it's management,self-confidence,knowledge,real; experience

It's not just your monster of cisco professor or be high-end expert


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