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Outlook hangs while replying to mails

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Hey Guys,


I am facing a problem related Outlook 2003 on one of my client computer.

I am facing this for the first time, So I need your help...

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Thanx in Advance... :yo:

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You are probably working in the online mode. This cases the application to keep making server trips for each and every action on the client machine. Try working in the offline mode.


There are two ways of working in the offline mode 1) Remote Mail mode and 2) Offline mode.


Given below are the details for Offline mode:-



You will first need to create a send and receive group.

To create Send/Receive groups:


To send and receive mail while working offline you must synchronize your mailbox. You can choose the folders you wish to synchronize by using send/receive groups. The default send/receive group is All Accounts. When you synchronize All Accounts, it will update only the following folders: Inbox, Outbox, Deleted Items, Sent Items, Calendar, Contacts and Tasks.


To manually synchronize All Accounts:


Click Tools > Send/Receive > All Accounts or press [F9]. You will be prompted for your password the first time you synchronize while working offline.


To automatically synchronize All Accounts:


Click Tools > Send/Receive Settings > Define Send/Receive Groups.

Select <All Accounts>.

In the <When Outlook is Offline> section, click the <Schedule an automatic send/receive every> check box.

Enter <the number of minutes between automatic synchronizations> and click <Close>.

To modify All Accounts to include folders other than the default folders:


Click Tools > Send/Receive Settings > Define Send/Receive Groups.

Select <All Accounts> and click the <Edit> button.

In the Send/Receive Settings dialog box, click the <Include account in this send/receive group> check box.

Place a checkmark next to the folders, including subfolders, you would like to include (you can also deselect folders you would like to remove from this send/receive group). Large groups may result in slower synchronization speed.

Select other desired criteria and click <OK>.

Click <Close>.

Note: You can also create a new send/receive group to synchronize additional folders.

You should close Microsoft Outlook every time you switch locations or network connections, and re-launch Microsoft Outlook to continue use. If you do not do this you may encounter one of the following errors:


You may receive delivery failures when synchronizing to send/receive mail.

Your password may be locked when prompted to synchronize. If prompted do not enter your Enterprise password; you should click <Cancel> and click <Cancel All> in the Outlook Send/Receive Progress dialog box.





To setup Offline mode:-


For on-going Outlook use, select to <Work Offline>, except when you need to establish rules, delegate mailbox access or check schedules. Working offline allows you to work productively while reducing server traffic.


It is recommended to create a Send/Receive Group(given above) to automatically pull and push information from the server to your offline mailbox at regularly scheduled time intervals. This process is called synchronization. If you have not created a Send/Receive Group to automatically synchronize for you, remember to synchronize (Press <F9>) periodically to ensure you are receiving and sending items in your offline mailbox.


When working offline, the Working Offline icon will appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen.


Click Start > Programs > Microsoft Applications >Microsoft Outlook or click the <Microsoft Outlook> program icon on the bottom toolbar of your screen.

Click <Work Offline>.

Press <F9> to synchronize. When prompted, type your password in <Password> field.

Click <Ok>.

Set up your Send/Receive Groups to automatically synchronize with the server to send and receive mail from the server based upon the time intervals you establish.

Note: You cannot switch from working offline to connected within Outlook. In order to switch from offline to connected, you must close and re-open Outlook. Choose <Connect> when prompted.

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Agree with DarXide suggestion.


Another option:

You may also try to re-create the Outlook profile. This might fix the problem you encountered. Also try UN-checked outlook add-ins one a time for troubleshooting purposes.


Also check the whole system for spyware and malware. These might be the reasons why MS Office Application accumulate high resources on the system.


Check also if you don't have problems in Naming Resolutions. This might possible that your client machine have difficulties on this part. Try to set your domain name suffix on the TCP/IP advance settings.


Hope these helps :)

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Thanx bro...

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Thank You Very Much :yo:

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I had a simliar problem, but unchecked "Word 2003" as editor resolved it. Now I need to know WHY it resolved it. Is there a problem with Word 2003.

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