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Help - Getting Error when trying ti Inventory new tapes

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All of the sudden i am getting failed jobs when trying to inventory new tapes.




I cant seam to find out any info on this.


I get 2 error IDs 3316 and 998



998 The operation failed because of a protection agent failure. Retry the operation.


3316 The detailed inventory of tape failed for the following reason:


I have tried 3 different brand new tapes from 2 different packages without any luck.


When I inventory a tape I have used in the past it works fine.


This has just recently started. We normally insert one new blank tape in our rotation every week.



Any help would be great.

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the two Error meassages says ónly try again and the next the reason for failure is unknown.

no info on web


i put it in the DPM forum



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Bad News from DPM Form

MVP DAVID wrote to me:


1. Have you tried cleaning the tape drives?


2. Have you tried re-scanning the tape libraries?


That's all I can suggest right now but if I think of anything else I will let you know.


If you discover a resolution, please post back as I am sure others would benefit from it!






it ´s all i get sorry

regards :yo:

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Well we did figure it out finally. It turns out our Tape Vendor OneStop was providing us with Used tapes. Selling them to us as new ones as well.


The only way I figured this out is we bought a tape from CDW and it worked fine. Had Onestop send us some more and they didnt work either. Bought another from CDW it worked fine. Then as I was sitting there comparing the tapes I saw a stamp on the bottom that said Certified for reuse by distributor.


Talk about being pissed.


So all is working now.


And we will no longer use Onestop for tapes.


Thanks thou for trying to help.

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