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Cisco ESW 500 switch 8port poe

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I installed this tiny switch for our client a few days ago, has poe. 8 port.


and it uses gui to do the management. too bad. it takes me half a day to figure out how to make a port trunk or access port. using tag and untag function.


on the way to figure it out, there is a smartport wizard function on the main page.

give u option to set the port on one go. the bad thing is I dont know what exactly this wizard does at the back end. I have the network setup. but on the same vlan. some ports just not able to get access to the other.


anyone has the similar exp? I think there may be security things going on with the "smartport wizard" function. but just not able to find out what it is.

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Try following.


Go through the manual

or call the vendor if that is a local vendor

other wise in the future consider local companies as vendors

i would suggest your Netgear or micronet they are very good in SOHO





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