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Unable to display the operating system (OS) choices

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In case you come across this one ...



Customer is using a windows 2003 server (probably Windows Server 2003 R2 Standard Edition) and attempts to do a RIPREP install on their newly acquired computers.


The first phase of the RIPREP install (ie: getting riprep to run on the computer and copy the contents over to the server) works fine, nothing to report.


However, when the customer then boots the computer via PXE to test RIPREPing the image back they get the following cryptic error message:


Unable to display the operating system (OS) choices.

You may not have sufficient network permissions to view the OS choices on the server, or the server might not contain any OS images.


For assistance, contact your network administrator.




Verify if the customers Group Policy settings for end users on the active directory are set to the following settings:- (On the server select start/programs/administrative tools/group policy management or the GPMC snap in in MMC.)


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Restart the RIS service and the customer should be able to see the OS coices (sif files) stored on their server, please note that if they have only RIPREP'd one machine that the menu will auto RIPREP the machine without displaying the os list, you need at least 2 or more SIF files in order for RIS to list the 'choices'.


If the customers Group policy settings are not being used then try editing the SIF file directly and rem out the HalName=halmacpi.dll entry and it will become visible...or enter the correct one.


here's a list of HAL's you could experiement with


HAL descriptive name


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