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K.Alliance - Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers

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Genre: Training | English | ISO | 2.68 GB


With our innovative Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers training video course, the mysteries behind Active Directory and Windows Server 2008 are unveiled and easily understood. IT professionals strive for the best in their education, as it reflects their passion for their career and usable working knowledge. Administering all aspects of Active Directory is a necessary skill, one our Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers course teaches for students requiring configuration, deployment and management capabilities in Windows Server 2008.


Become indispensable to your company and yourself with the valuable insight gained from our courseware. Expert instructors lead the entire way, from Active Directory Server Deployment Techniques, server roles, controllers, replicators, and much, much more. Hands-on demonstrations, presentations, quizzes, labs and a comprehensive lesson plan awaits in our Windows 2008 training platform. Real world situations and their resolutions are part of the course. Students learn from expert instructors who bring their experiences to the class. Our IT training course is designed to help you succeed - not just in the study sessions but in the field as well.


Total Course Duration: 6 hours 54 minutes


1.0 Planning Active Directory Server Deployment


* 1.1 Introduction

* 1.2 Planning Active Directory Server Deployment

* 1.3 Deploying RODCs

* 1.4 Deploying Active Directory on a Server Core

* 1.5 Using Active Directory Server Deployment Technologies

* 1.6 Deploying Active Directory Server Roles

* 1.7 Methods for Adding Server Roles

* 1.8 Adding Server Roles Demo

* 1.9 Methods for Removing Server Roles Demo

* 1.10 Summary


2.0 Managing Active Directory Domain Services


* 2.1 Introduction

* 2.2 Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles

* 2.3 Managing Sites and Replications

* 2.4 FSMO Roles and Managing Active Directory Sites Demo

* 2.5 Managing Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC)

* 2.6 Managing Server Core Domain Controllers

* 2.7 Managing Group Policy Objects

* 2.8 Creating a Central Store for ADMX Files

* 2.9 Creating an ADMX Central Store Demo

* 2.10 Group Policy Troubleshooting

* 2.11 Group Policy Preferences

* 2.12 Delegating Active Directory Administration

* 2.13 Configuring Group Policy Preferences Demo

* 2.14 Restarting and Restoring Active Directory

* 2.15 Summary


3.0 Maintaining Security for Active Directory Servers


* 3.1 Introduction

* 3.2 Manual Hardening Techniques

* 3.3 Additional Server Hardening Mechanisms

* 3.4 Applying Security Templates

* 3.5 Security Deployment Using Group Policy

* 3.6 Securing User Passwords in Windows Server 2008

* 3.7 Configuring Fine Grain Password Policies Demo

* 3.8 Directory Service Auditing

* 3.9 Enhancing Physical Security

* 3.10 Configuring a Password Replication Policy Demo

* 3.11 Physical Security for Writeable Domain Controllers

* 3.12 Summary


4.0 Managing Active Directory Service Controllers


* 4.1 Introduction

* 4.2 Benefits of Online Responders

* 4.3 Managing Certificate Enrollment

* 4.4 Enterprise PKI Console

* 4.5 Managing Group Policy Settings for AD CS

* 4.6 Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services

* 4.7 Managing AD LDS

* 4.8 Active Directory Federation Services

* 4.9 AD FS Management

* 4.10 Active Directory Rights Management Services

* 4.11 Administrative Groups

* 4.12 AD RMS Dependent Services Overview

* 4.13 Summary


5.0 Monitoring Active Directory Servers


* 5.1 Introduction

* 5.2 Why Monitor Active Directory Servers?

* 5.3 Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor

* 5.4 Logging and Reporting Options

* 5.5 How to Monitor Active Directory Servers

* 5.6 Establishing Baselines and Thresholds

* 5.7 Key Performance Counters

* 5.8 Summary


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