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Telehouse DatacentreAn important, yet frequently overlooked, consideration when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the quality and physical location of its network infrastructure.Designed and implemented for maximum resilience and redundancy our self owned network is physically located at multiple Telehouse and TeleCity Group Data Centres in London.The combination of redundancy and state-of-the-art monitoring, backed up by onsite staffing 24 hours a day, ensures our customers websites, servers and connectivity solutions remain online when they need to be, around the clock, throughout the year.

Network Overview


The network has been built and deployed using state of the art Cisco Routers by our own in-house Network Administration Team, utilising redundant fibre based connections and multiple sites we now have over 2Gbps of uncontended transit connections and peering links.

Namesco Network Diagram


Transit is currently provided by: BT and Tinet

Interlinks are at the Internet Exchange Points: LINX and LoNAP

Additionally there are private peering agreements.

Telehouse and TeleCity Group Data Centres


Our view is that the best place for an ISP to locate their network is in the UK s purpose built Internet Data Centres. In these, all the UK s and most of Europe s major ISPs locate their equipment allowing the fastest possible speeds for connections and the best facilities in terms of security, environmental control, power resilience through multiple National Grid connections and on site generators with UPS battery systems, fire detection and suppression, water leak detection, and also offer the choice of data carriers from the various UK, European and Global transit providers.


Utilising multiple data centres allows us to have site resilience for our core services, even in the very unlikely event of a data centre failing, we and therefore our customers, can continue to operate.

BlueSquare Data Centre


The new BlueSquare Milton Keynes data centre is one of the very few tier IV data centres in the UK. It was originally purpose built to the highest standards for a leading German bank, with BlueSquare taking over the site in March 2008. BlueSquare completely refitted all of the interior and exterior systems to a very high N+N redundancy level.


The site benefits from dual diverse substations, as well as multiple diverse dark fibre providers offering an excellent choice in connectivity.

Services Provided to Customers


As an Internet Service Provider we provide a number of services to our customers, including:


DNS Platform: DNS is the keystone for the Internet, and with our background in domain name registration, an area of the business we take very seriously. For Authoritive DNS, we operate an advanced DNS solution utilising three DNS servers in different locations and on different networks. For customer use, we also operate a number of Resolving or Caching DNS servers, ensuring only the most current DNS record for any domain name is returned and making DNS resolution as quick as possible for our customers.


Email Platform: Our email platform cluster currently handles nearly 3 million emails every day which are passed through both anti-spam and anti-virus filters before being stored on our state-of-the-art storage platform offering over 15TB of storage space. Access to stored email is available via POP3, WebMail and IMAP.


Hosting Platform: All our shared-server websites are hosted on two state-of-the-art server farms, with one cluster for our Linux hosting and another for the Windows hosting. Each server farm is composed of a cluster of servers behind a series of redundant load-balancers. This allows any of the servers in the cluster to be taken out of service for maintenance without affecting the performance of any hosted website.


Data Backups: All three of our major platforms storing customer data are backed up both on the fly and daily to independent and resilient devices.


Connectivity Platform: For our ADSL and SDSL Broadband services, we utilise multiple BT-Central Connections (pipes) from BT wholesale directly linking our network to all the xDSL enabled exchanges around the country. By having our own pipes it means we can completely control the speed and services offers to customers ensuring a contention free Internet experience. For Dialup services we operate our own dial platform for termination of inbound calls, this means we are in complete control of all the connections, and by terminating the calls on our own network we can minimise latency.


Dedicated Servers: All dedicated server solutions for customers are deployed using the same grade of rack-mountable, high capacity servers used for our own services. With equipment sourced from a number of manufacturers including Dell, HP and Super Micro.


Filtering: In accordance with ISPA best practice guidelines on declaration of in use filtering technologies, we filter incoming email using the following services:

Zen Service from www.spamhaus.org

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