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KelbyTraining - Photographing Children

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English | 854x480 | H264 | 29.97fps 789kbps | AAC 128kbps | 356.57 MB

Genre: Training


Capturing the personality of a child in a photo is challenging. A photographer has a limited amount of time to find what it is about that child that will make a great photo. Some kids are shy and some are outgoing. The trick is to take what they offer and be ready for the unexpected. Photographer Jack Reznicki goes through a series of portrait sessions with children, ranging in age from infant to toddler, to preteen. Jacks rules for children are simple: The first rule is to have fun. The second rule is to be flexible. The third rule is to throw out all the rules. Join Jack for some great instruction and tips for photographing children.


Introduction (06:19)

Baby Wrangler (09:10)

Second Baby Shoot (03:06)

Third Baby (03:42)

Serious Toddler (04:55)

Patience (06:05)

More Bubbles (04:02)

Two Girls (04:03)

Rock Star (05:17)

Pizza Pie and Cheeseburgers (03:47)

Facial Expressions (06:05)

Solid Colored Tshirts (06:15)

Just Hanging Out (04:38)

Conclusion (02:02)


TOTAL: 01:09:26


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