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    These are 200+ gig of ine courses i downloaded and made a torrent of. Here you go. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Hi, the Knowledge Must Be Free. [@Dzinosky_] - Morocco You will learn how to write reliable exploits for the Win32 platform, starting with the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing. Gain a solid understanding of the very latest in Win32 (stack-based) exploitation and memory protection bypass techniques. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    [Hidden Content] keep seeding!
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    SD-WAN bootcamp - LAB & Study guides [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    it took me two day to rip them all and upload to a vps Skill outline Why Are Distributed Applications Important?3 min The Challenge with Single-Instance Applications6 min High Availability for Distributed Applications7 min Performance Considerations for Distributed Application Design5 min Security Concerns for Distributed Applications4 min Operational Excellence with Distributed Applications5 min Cost Implications of Distributed Applications5 min Understand Application Design Considering Latency, Maintainability, and Observability Advanced 21 mins5 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores various aspects of an application design given a specific architectural pattern Skill outline Evaluating Aspects of an App1 min Latency Considerations9 min Maintainability Considerations6 min Observability Considerations4 min Summarizing Application Aspects1 min Diagnose Problems With An Application Given Logs Related To An Event Intermediate 31 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores techniques to diagnose an application that is having problems by viewing the logs Skill outline Understanding the Need for App Logging1 min Introducing Our Flask API and Logging Methods13 min Issues Retrieving Data7 min Issues Creating Data5 min Issues Deleting Data4 min Summarizing Application Logging1 min Evaluate Choice of Database Types with Respect to Application Requirements Intermediate 45 mins8 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores the various types of database products that could be used for a database backend Skill outline Introducing the World of Data1 min Real Talk: Data, The Estate, and Job Roles14 min The Relational Database9 min The Document Database8 min The Graph Database2 min The Columnar Database3 min The Time-Series Database4 min Summarizing Database Solutions1 min Understand Application Architectural Patterns Intermediate 33 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he breaks down key software development practices centered around designing an app based on it's architectural pattern Skill outline Introducing Application Architectures1 min How Apps Really Work8 min The Monolith6 min Service-Based Applications6 min Microservices Architectures5 min Event-Driven Applications3 min Summarizing Application Architectures1 min Utilize Advanced Version Control Operations with Git Advanced 34 mins8 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he dives deeper into the world of Source Control with Git and explores advanced capabilities. Skill outline Introducing Advanced Git Operations1 min Merge6 min Handling Merge Conflicts5 min Git Checkout3 min Git Reset (Staging)3 min Git Reset (Commit)7 min Git Revert5 min Summarizing Advanced Git Operations1 min Explain and Use Release Packaging and Dependency Management with PyPi Advanced 32 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explains how to deploy an application packaged together with dependencies. Skill outline Introducing Release Packaging1 min The Requirements.txt File7 min Create a Release Packaging Environment for PyPi7 min Set Up Package Files for Distribution7 min Packaging and Releasing to PyPi Test5 min Validating the Package3 min Summarizing Package Releasing1 min Create an API Sequence Diagram with PlantUML 24 mins6 videos Skill outline Introducing Sequence Diagrams1 min What Sequence Diagrams Are4 min Getting PlantUML4 min Creating Our Diagram Pieces4 min Connecting Our Diagram Pieces7 min Summarizing Sequence Diagrams1 min Understand the Challenges of Consuming APIs Intermediate 27 mins6 videos Learning Intent I will be able to describe the challenges of Synchronous and Asynchronous API communication, time-out and too many requests errors, and how to build back-off patterns. Skill outline Understand the Challenges of Consuming APIs1 min Synchronous vs. Asynchronous APIs4 min Creating an Asynchronous API Call in Python6 min Handling HTTP Error Codes6 min Implementing a Backoff Script7 min API Challenges Summary1 min Optimize APIs with HTTP Caching Intermediate 27 mins5 videos Learning Intent In this skill we'll cover the ways you can make your APIs more efficient andreliable by using the HTTP Cache controls outlined in the HTTP specification. Skill outline Optimize APIs with Caching5 min Where Caching Happens6 min Using Headers to Specify Caching7 min Building Cache-Aware APIs5 min Optimize APIs with Caching Summary1 min Support Pagination with RESTful APIs Intermediate 20 mins4 videos Learning Intent In this skill we'll learn how to segment large volumes of data for presentation on-screen using pagination techniques. Skill outline Support Pagination with RESTful APIs1 min Good Pagination Techniques5 min Pagination Styles6 min Implementing a Pagination Client6 min Understand OAuth Intermediate 37 mins7 videos Learning Intent This skill covers the OAuth authorization protocol in concept and execution. Skill outline Understanding OAuth22 min Diving into OAuth7 min Walking Through the 3-Legged Flow6 min Understanding OAuth Tokens5 min Practicing OAuth Flow6 min Authentication with OpenID Connect6 min Understanding OAuth2 Summary2 min Implement ChatOps with Webex Teams Intermediate 48 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates implementing ChatOps with the Webex Teams API! Skill outline What is ChatOps?1 min Creating a Bot2 min Working with Rooms9 min Bot Integration12 min Posting Messages6 min Exploring the SDK7 min OSPF Neighbor Alerts8 min Construct API Requests using Firepower Device Management Intermediate 37 mins5 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates key techniques to construct API requests to programmatically manage Cisco Firepower/FTD devices. Skill outline What is FTD?1 min FTD API Explorer10 min Postman6 min Python Scripting11 min Pagination8 min Enable SSIDs in Meraki Dashboard API Intermediate 29 mins5 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he performs advanced Meraki automation tasks using the Dashboard API Skill outline Introducing Meraki Automation1 min Getting Authenticated and a List of Networks13 min Get SSIDs7 min Enable the SSID6 min Outro1 min Implement the Meraki Location Scanning API Advanced 16 mins6 videos Learning Intent I will be able to describe the characteristics of the Location Scanning API, as well as how to construct an API that will receive the Location Scanning payloads, and interpret the response Skill outline More Than Just WiFi1 min The Location Scanning API Architecture4 min Initial Configuration Items4 min Code! A Python Function App for Azure4 min Exploring the Received Payload2 min Summarizing the Location Scanning API1 min Construct API Calls to Cisco Intersight Intermediate 27 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates how to interact with the Cisco Intersight REST API. Skill outline Intersight Overview1 min Claiming Devices4 min Exploring the Intersight REST API4 min Intersight Authentication Module2 min Creating Requests with Python8 min API Rate Limiting6 min Automate Cisco UCS Servers Intermediate0 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates how to automate the provisioning of Cisco UCS Servers. Skill outline DNA Center Platform: The Automation Foundation Advanced 45 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explores and explains the fifth workflow in DNA Center - the Platform. Learners will experience how to use the REST API to perform basic automation tasks within DNA Center. Skill outline Introducing Automation Foundations1 min Exploring the Platform Documentation14 min Getting Authenticated to DNA Center8 min Getting a List of Sites and Details5 min Getting Devices from Inventory7 min Getting SD-Access Fabric Details6 min Summarizing the Platform API Operations1 min DNA Center Platform: Deeper Automation Techniques Advanced 40 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he leverages different applications and tools to explore DNA Center as well as perform CRUD operations via the REST API. Skill outline Digging Deeper Into the Platform API1 min Creating a Site9 min Parsing Client Health Data6 min Performing a Device Discovery13 min Utilizing the Command Runner API9 min Summarizing Advanced DNA Center API Automation1 min Understand Application Monitoring with AppDynamics Intermediate 18 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he outlines the capabilities of Cisco AppDynamics when instrumenting an application! Skill outline AppDynamics Overview4 min Agents & Controllers2 min Identifying Root Causes3 min DevOps Monitoring1 min End User Monitoring2 min Cloud Migration1 min Bridging Silos2 min Master YANG Data Models for the Real World Advanced1 hr 4 mins8 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explains how to actually interpret AND use a YANG data model in a real world scenario Skill outline Prep a Dev Environment for Big Kids11 min Get ALL the Models and Pyang6 min The Pyang Tree9 min Interpret YANG for Restconf URLs11 min Interpret YANG for Netconf Subtress10 min Interpret YANG for Netconf XPaths7 min Create Your Own Netconf RPC Payload6 min Summarizing YANG1 min Describe and Deploy Model-Driven-Telemetry with Dashboards Advanced 25 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explains the nuances of model-driven-telemetry and then teaches how to deploy a solution in the real world Skill outline Introducing Model-Driven Telemetry1 min What is Model-Driven Telemetry?8 min Deploy a TIG Stack the EASY Way6 min Create a Push Subscription from the CLI5 min Create a Dashboard in Grafana3 min Summarizing MDT1 min Create and Troubleshoot a CICD Pipeline with Jenkins and GitHub Intermediate 39 mins7 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he digs into what can go wrong during a CICD pipeline deployment Skill outline Introducing Real World NetDevOps1 min Get to Know the CICD Environment8 min Installing Jenkins on Ubuntu9 min Setting Up the Jenkins Pipeline4 min Run the CICD Pipeline5 min Troubleshooting a CICD Pipeline9 min Summarizing NetDevOps1 min Deploy an Application with Docker and Kubernetes Advanced 40 mins6 videos Learning Intent Ben will walk through an CI/CD application deployment leveraging docker containers and Kubernetes on the Google Container Engine (GKE) Skill outline Deploy an Application with Docker and Kuberenetes1 min Understanding Containers and Kubernetes6 min Architecting a CI/CD Pipeline8 min Build and Deploy to Kubernetes11 min Deploy with Docker and Kubernetes11 min Deploy an Application with Docker and Kuberenetes Summary2 min Static Code Analysis and Continuous Testing Entry 35 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join Trevor Sullivan as we take a look at the importance of static code analysis and continuous testing. Skill outline Importance of Static Code Analysis6 min Static Code Analysis in Python7 min Static Code Analysis in PowerShell10 min Benefits of Continuous Testing3 min Types of Software Testing4 min Tools for Continuous Front-End Testing2 min Understand the Basics of Docker Entry 35 mins7 videos Learning Intent I will understand how Docker fits into an application hosting solution. Skill outline Introducing Containers1 min Introducing Containers and Docker5 min Installing Docker5 min Containerize Your App with a Dockerfile9 min Working with Docker Commands9 min Pushing and Pulling with Docker Hub4 min Summarizing Docker1 min Describe the Tenets of the 12-Factor App Intermediate 28 mins14 videos Learning Intent This skill will discuss each of the factors described in the 12 factor app methodology. We'll look at how those factors help to produce secure and efficient software. Skill outline Introducing the 12-Factor Methodology2 min Factor 1 - Single Codebase2 min Factor 2 –Explicit Dependencies1 min Factor 3 – Store Configuration in the Environment2 min Factor 4 – Treat Services as Independent Resources2 min Factor 5 – Discrete Delivery Steps2 min Factor 6 – Stateless Processes2 min Factor 7 – Port Binding2 min Factor 8 – Building with Concurrency in Mind2 min Factor 9 – Disposable Processes2 min Factor 10 – Environmental Parity2 min Factor 11 – Log Streaming1 min Factor 12 – Admin Processes1 min Summarizing the 12-Factor Methodology1 min Effective Logging and Threat Protection Intermediate 30 mins6 videos Learning Intent In this series we'll discuss various best practices for protecting applications and communications from commonly known attack vectors including OWASP threats. Skill outline Effective Logging and Threat Protection1 min Designing an Effective Logging Strategy5 min Using End-to-End Encryption (E2EE)7 min Mitigating Cross-Site Request Forgery (CSRF)5 min Cross Site Scripting (XSS) Prevention4 min Sanitizing for SQL Injection Attacks5 min Explain Data Privacy and How To Secure Data Intermediate 46 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join Knox Hutchinson as he explains why data transmission and security are crucial to app development Skill outline Introducing Secure Scripting1 min Stop. Hard coding. Secrets.6 min Use the Azure Key Vault with Python19 min Encrypt Your Storage5 min Encrypt Nginx with Let’s Encrypt SSL12 min Summarizing Data Protection1 min Automate Cisco IOS-XE Devices with RESTCONF Intermediate 39 mins5 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates the techniques required to successfully automate networks using the RESTCONF protocol. Skill outline Creating Interfaces11 min Updating Interfaces5 min URLs and YANG Models7 min Static Routes8 min VLANs5 min Network Automation with Ansible & Puppet Intermediate 49 mins8 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates the key strategies and workflows of automating networks with Ansible & Puppet! Skill outline Ansible Overview5 min Ansible Setup5 min Ansible Host Vars8 min Ansible Group Vars4 min Ansible Playbook7 min Puppet Overview1 min Puppet Tasks4 min Puppet Manifests11 min Understand Network Automation & Configuration Management Solutions Intermediate 43 mins5 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he demonstrates the different technical and business applications of network automation and configuration management solutions. Skill outline Orchestration vs Configuration Management4 min Procedural vs Declarative12 min Push vs Pull5 min NETCONF vs RESTCONF10 min Continuous Delivery vs Continuous Deployment10 min Host Applications on Cisco Networking Devices Intermediate 19 mins6 videos Learning Intent Join John McGovern as he explains how to host container-based applications on Cisco networking devices! Skill outline Why Host Apps in the Network?5 min Catalyst 9K Overview3 min Preparing for Deployment5 min Application Deployment1 min Testing the Application1 min Uninstalling the Application1 min [Hidden Content] MISSING VIDEOS: [Hidden Content]
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    You can find all SANS/Offensive Security/Elearnsec courses here as Direct Links After spending hours going through dead links trying to find the elearnsec courses, I decided to create this topic to help out others stuck in the same situation. [Hidden Content]
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    CCIE Data Center v3.0: PRACTICE LAB 1.0 [Hidden Content]
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    FortiGate - Advanced Level [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    credit to TheEmperor [Hidden Content]
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    I've been getting messages and tagged in post asking for my version in PDF format. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    [Hidden Content] Notes: Play with VLCplayer [Hidden Content] or POTplayer # Download Link Are Dead? Just Send me a message, or reply to this topic. i will upload soon.
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    I am sharing IOT BlackHat 2020 training. I am not leaking it. LOL. Its already shared on some forums by a guy named "Alure" Import it in mega. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Christmas came early! That's an awesome share, thank you. I hope someone puts it on rutracker.org or any other public tracker.
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    All, The complete course has been uploaded to Mega. [Hide][Hidden Content]] Available until 09/01
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    guy this is old dump but still 100% ok to pass. 10 new questions missing and you will get 900 and above score [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Cisco DevNet Evolving Technologies Study Guide by Nicholas Russo, December 21, 2020 [Hidden Content]
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    hello, here the link: [Hidden Content] took some time to organize all folders and verify the files but manage to do some nice management important note: on folder 51 video 3 instructor has a typo on their first slide but content is ok for pXGrid so don't worry about it
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    Again this course was leaked by "ALLURE" on some forums. Download link : [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Attaching the zseano methodology here
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    Found this course on telegram I did not took this course neither I changed anything.
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    Narbik just released these videos about OSPF totally free, enjoy it! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Network Level Cyber Attack Detection [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    hi its workshop offered by GoSecure .latest XXE attack technics are explained in this workshop. exercises and labs are well documented (you don't feel lost.) [Hidden Content] Happy Learning !
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    Hello guys, here is the latest Malware Analysis Course from 0verfl0w. make copies as soon as possible and re-share it for the community. link might be goes down. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901) 1. Introduction to the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification. 2. Getting Started with Software Development Using Cisco DevNet. 3. Consuming Cisco APIs and Understanding Application DevOps. 4. Managing Cisco Networks via Infrastructure as Code. This course also covers - Understanding Cisco DevNet Software Development and Network Programmability Fundamentals (Parts 2, 3 and 4) [Hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Hi, I share with us a collection of images for that great lab environment Shared folder: [hide][Hidden Content]] Images: Passwords (Drive: Password folder, is possible that not all passwords was here, I'm trying to clean drive and upload new images) Please report: Feedback about working images to get folder clean and usefull, I'd like to delete non working, faulty or old images New images, labs or other things that can help others. I will upload to the drive. New content: - Security: ISE 2.7, ISE 3.0 (setup for first login) - SDWAN: vtbond,vtedge,vtmgmt,vtsmrart v20.3.1 (Thank @kamui) - Stealthwatch 7.3 - Firepower6-FTD-6.7.0-65
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    I found these good stuff in CODE 127001 facebook, so I think these links may be offline soon, take your to download them as soon as you can. [hide]Fortinet [Hidden Content] security+ [Hidden Content] cisco information security [Hidden Content] CISSP [Hidden Content] 32Gb cyber security courses [Hidden Content] Pentester Academy + Python for Cyber Security [Hidden Content] 49.60 GB cyber security courses [Hidden Content] Practical Ethical Hacking - The Complete Course [Hidden Content] CBT Nuggets Network+ [Hidden Content] CBT Nuggets - Comptia Security Plus sy0-501 [Hidden Content] Hakin9 Courses 2019 [Hidden Content] @Bug Bounty: Android Hacking [Hidden Content] @Bug Bounty Hunting - Offensive Approach to Hunt Bugs [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-71x5 SISE CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-735 SAUTO CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-710 SNCF CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 350-701 SCOR CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-730 SVPN CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-725 SWSA CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content] CCNP Security 300-720 SESA CIsco Learning Network Video [Hidden Content]]
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    hi nice binary analysis course offered by Max Kersten ,its start from assembly language to malware analysis and more..in all training open-source tools are used. [Hidden Content] Happy Learning.
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    [hide][Hidden Content]] Credits: Peyma_N
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    Hi guys I was looking and found the actual ccie ent diagram.
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    Hi, I took the ENCOR 350-401 exam a few days ago, I got 96X Score using this DUMP. I experienced only 02 new questions. The DUMP file [hide][Hidden Content]] Visual CertExam [hide][Hidden Content]] Good luck.
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    confirm valid. my friend pass yesterday with 890 score [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    All, I have taken a CCIE Security v6 share (link provided by @devil soul from an unknown uploader) and added all the missing videos. The original share was 26GB, it is now 48GB. Thanks for being patient, it has been a mammoth task and very time consuming. @devil soul thanks for the link and I acknowledge that you are not responsible for the missing content. I am just glad that we now have a full course for the forum members. [Hidden Content]
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    Cisco ASA Firewall 9.x All-in-One Advanced 2020 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Hello guys, I found windows incident response course from FireEye but the link is nitfoflare. I can not download because I have no premium account. If anyone has, please convert to mega, drive, etc. [Hidden Content] Edit: I downloaded the course. The link is given in the below. [Hidden Content]
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    Here you go, PDF version (answers with explanation) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Cisco Viptela SD-WAN - Design [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Fortinet Forti Manager [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Cisco Dna Planning & Deploying Sd-Access Fundamentals [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    LiveLessons - CompTIA Security+ SY0-601, by Sari Greene [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    hey guys I took this few days back enough to pass AZ-303 enjoy [hide] [Hidden Content]] enjoy
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    This is the latest 153 questions dump. [Hidden Content]
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