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    [Hidden Content]
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    This is the latest 130 questions dumb. more than enough to pass and score in the 9xx range. [Hidden Content]
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    Hello guys, Last pass was 07/14/2020 [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    12 months of Free access to Oracle Cloud courses [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Dear All, check the below link ... [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    @pureshyboy There is no official cert guide yet for : 300-415 ENSDWI Implementing Cisco SD-WAN Solutions (SDWAN300) But you can find 2-SD WAN books of Cisco here: [hide][Hidden Content]] The above link was originally shared by @tronny @jahe the official cert guide of CLCOR too can be found there. With thanks, RK
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    I have the updated ones I'll post a new link in a bit [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
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    Hi Team, There are so many times this forum help me to grow my career and now I am preparing for #CISSP and its time for me to give it back to community. Below materials I have been collected from various sources including certcollection. Use below mega.nz link. Instead of download, import to your account before it get blocked. [Hidden Content] Another useful resource which I am using currently is FRSecure Youtube Channel (Look for 2020 FRSecure CISSP Mentor Program).
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    Adversary Tactics: Red Team Operations [Hidden Content] That would be amazing. Thanks in advance. MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to Security Section of TRAINING OFFERS & REQUESTS sub-forum and REQ prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
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    Sektor7 Courses: [Hidden Content] Wait what? You again?! Seriously? Come on man, let your modem rest for a while.
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    The Implementing Cisco Enterprise Wireless Networks (ENWLSI) course gives you the knowledge and skills needed to secure wireless network infrastructure and troubleshoot any related issues.You’ll learn how to implement and secure a wireless network infrastructure and use Cisco Identity Service Engine (Cisco ISE), Cisco Prime Infrastructure (Cisco PI), and Cisco Connect Mobile Experience to monitor and troubleshoot network issues.The course provides hands-on labs to reinforce concepts, including deploying Cisco Prime Infrastructure Release 3.5, Cisco Catalyst® 9800 Wireless Controller Release, Cisco IOS XE Gibraltar 16.10, Cisco Digital Network Architecture (Cisco DNA™) Center Release 1.2.8, Cisco Connected Mobile Experiences (CMX) Release 10.5, Cisco Mobility Services Engine (Cisco MSE) Release 8.0 features, and Cisco ISE Release 2.4. These are just videos which Cisco is providing as study material... many topics have not been covered in these videos.Those are just writeups and will be uploaded later. Labs & Writeup's are not covered in below mega link. import then download [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Torrent page 5
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    eLearnSecurity Malware Analysis Professional only PDF. Thanks to original uploader Get them before they deleted [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    INE Firepower Threat Defense - Part II Enjoy !!! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Some Python Books you wanted link below [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Not sure why you could not tell the amount of labs if you have the book... But nevermind. Check these ones: [Hidden Content] I doubt such WB will ever appear. SP is pursued by small amount of people, and writing a comprehensive workbook is simply not commercially viable. Unless, of course, there is some effort from Cisco..
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    Download the course from the following link and enjoy [Hidden Content] MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to proper section. OFFER prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix. ------------------------------------------------- Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). Read the Board Rules or get banned.
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    hey .. the index of the course : [Hidden Content] the coupon to apply :[Hidden Content] enjoy
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    The Implementing Secure Solutions with Virtual Private Networks (SVPN) v1.0 course teaches you how to implement, configure, monitor, and support enterprise Virtual Private Network (VPN) solutions. Through a combination of lessons and hands-on experiences you will acquire the knowledge and skills to deploy and troubleshoot traditional Internet Protocol Security (IPsec), Dynamic Multipoint Virtual Private Network (DMVPN), FlexVPN, and remote access VPN to create secure and encrypted data, remote accessibility, and increased privacy. [Hidden Content] Import then Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Stay Home.. Stay Safe
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    Udemy Windows Privilege Escalation for Beginners Link- [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Import then Download [hide][Hidden Content]] Stay Home.. Stay Safe
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    HI! When I run this in CLI I didn't see any menu?
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    Hi I found this information maybe will be usefull for the certification. Regards Cisco.Pre_.350-601.102q.zip
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    Hello Everyone, I found something interesting in the internet. I felts this is good. Link: [Hidden Content]
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    Livelessons - End-to-End Quality of Service Network Design English | Audio: aac 44100 Hz stereo | Video: h264 yuv420p 1280x720 25.00 fps® | 1.22GB Genre: E-learning This course will mirror the authors recently released book End-to-End QoS Network Design exploring various QoS designs for new applications and technologies industry standards and platforms (with more than 10 different Cisco product families being represented throughout). Tim Szigeti will supply design recommendations and enable the viewer to confidently and successfully design and deploy QoS across their Cisco networks. Screenshot: Download No.Password .=-I-=. Interchangeable .=-I-=. 5..Recovery Let PM if the links are dead I'm willing to help you [Hidden Content]
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    CyberTraining365-CWAD-Cross-Site Scripting English | Size: 322.23 MB Category: Security This course is part of the Cyber Security Web Application Defender Certificate which teaches students Teach students how to identify, verify, exploit, remediate and report web-based vulnerabilities in an automated and educated way Cross-Site Scripting (XSS) is a vulnerability to inject client-side scripts into web pages [Hidden Content] Links are Interchangeable - No Password - Single Extraction
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    For those who are waiting for SVPN writeups [Hidden Content]
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    For those who are looking for write ups for ENWLSI [Hidden Content]
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    Re-uploaded, again. [hide][Hidden Content]] Mirror: [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    SANS - SEC564 RED Team Exercises and Adversary Emulation 2020.pdf [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Enjoy all ccna materials all the very best [Hidden Content] MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to CCNA Section of TRAINING OFFERS & REQUESTS sub-forum and OFFER prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
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    The importance of Active Directory in an enterprise cannot be stressed enough. Used by more than 90% of Fortune 1000 companies, the all-pervasive AD is the focal point for adversaries. Still, when it comes to AD security, there is a large gap of knowledge, which security professionals and administrators struggle to fill. Over the years, we have taught numerous professionals in real world trainings on AD security and always found that there is a lack of quality material, which can take students from basics of Active Directory security, and teach them how to attack and defend it. Attacking and Defending Active Directory is beginner friendly course designed for security professionals who would like to enhance their AD security knowledge and want to understand practical threats and attacks in a modern Active Directory environment. The course is based on our years of experience of making and breaking Windows and AD environments and teaching security professionals. We cover topics like AD enumeration, trusts mapping, domain privilege escalation, domain persistence, Kerberos based attacks (Golden ticket, Silver ticket and more), ACL issues, SQL server trusts, Defenses and bypasses of defenses. You can either create your own Active Directory lab and follow along, or subscribe to one of our premium labs. A non-exhasutive list of topics to be covered include: – Active Directory Enumeration. Use scripts, built-in tools and MS ActiveDirectory module to enumerate the target domain. * Understand how useful information like users, groups, group memberships, computers, user properties etc. from the domain controller is available to even a normal user. * Understand and enumerate intra-forest and inter-forest trusts. Practice how to extract information from the trusts. * Enumerate Group policies. * Enumerate ACLs and learn to find out ‘interesting rights on ACLs in the target domain to carry out attacks. – Local Privilege Escalation * Learn different local privilege escalation techniques on a Windows machine. * Hunt for local admin privileges on machines in the target domain using multiple methods. * Abuse enterprise applications to execute complex attack paths that involve bypassing antivirus and pivoting to different machines. – Domain Privilege Escalation * Learn to find credentials and sessions of high privileges domain accounts like Domain Administrators, extracting their credentials and then using credential replay attacks to escalate privileges, all of this with just using built-in protocols for pivoting. * Learn to extract credentials from a restricted environment where application whitelisting is enforced. Abuse derivative local admin privileges and pivot to other machines to escalate privileges to domain level. * Understand the classic Kerberoast and its variants to escalate privileges. * Enumerate the domain for objects with unconstrained delegation and abuse it to escalate privileges. * Find domain objects with constrained delegation enabled. Understand and execute the attacks against such objects to escalate privileges to a single service on a machine and to the domain administrator using alternate tickets. * Learn how to abuse privileges of Protected Groups to escalate privileges. – Domain Persistence and Dominance * Abuse Kerberos functionality to persist with DA privileges. Forge tickets to execute attacks like Golden ticket and Silver ticket to persist. * Subvert the authentication on the domain level with Skeleton key and custom SSP. * Abuse the DC safe mode Administrator for persistence. * Abuse the protection mechanism like AdminSDHolder for persistence. * Abuse minimal rights required for attacks like DCSync by modifying ACLs of domain objects. * Learn to modify the host security descriptors of the domain controller to persist and execute commands without needing DA privileges. – Cross trust attacks * Learn to elevate privileges from Domain Admin of a child domain to Enterprise Admin on the forest root by abusing Trust keys and krbtgt account. * Execute intra-forest trust attacks to access resources across forest. * Abuse database links to achieve code execution across forest by just using the databases. – Forest persistence and dominance * Understand forest persistence technique like DCShadow. Execute it to modify objects in the forest root without leaving change logs. Learn minimal permissions required to use DCShadow and avoid change logs for minimal permissions using Shadowception. – Defenses – Monitoring * Learn about useful events logged when the discussed attacks are executed. – Defenses and bypass – Architecture and Work culture Changes * Learn briefly about architecture and work culture changes required in an organization to avoid the discussed attacks. We discuss Temporal group membership, ACL Auditing, LAPS, SID Filtering, Selective Authentication, credential guard, device guard, Protected Users Group, PAW, Tiered Administration and ESAE or Red Forest. * Learn how Microsoft’s Advanced Threat Analytics and other similar tools detect domain attacks and the ways to avoid and bypass such tools. – Defenses and bypass – Deception * Understand how Deception can be effective deployed as a defense mechanism in AD. Deploy decoy user objects, which have interesting properties set, which have ACL rights over other users and have high privilege access in the domain along with available protections. Deploy computer objects and Group objects to deceive an adversary. Learn how adversaries can identify decoy objects and how defenders can avoid the detection. – Defenses and bypass – PowerShell * Learn about various improvements in Windows PowerShell v5 and their significance in detecting attacks. We will discuess System Wide Transcription, Enhance logging, Constrained Language Mode, AMSI etc. Learn how JEA helps in secure administration. Execute bypasses against the discussed defenses and the detection of bypasses. [Hidden Content]
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    Try This CCNA Wireless [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Here is the trick. Do Not let eve connects out to the internet AND very importantly do not let your PC with the browser accessing Eve-NG GUI connects to the internet either. Anyway, I tested and didn't find any features worth while. The only feature I cared about is true multi-user and multi-role, and this isn't it. Eve-ng is nice if you have a couple of routers to virtualize in your lab, but anything more demanding, just run those VM directly in VMware instead, takes a bit more effort to setup , but much better on resources, you can do VM snapshot, roll back, etc...
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    Here you are Pentester Academy – Attacking and Defending Active DirectBookmark [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Full course version. [Hidden Content] ------------------------------ # Hide Tag while posting download links Make use of Hide Tag while posting download links. Usage: [ hide ] link [ /hide ] (without spaces). ------------------------------
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    The following are included in the linked archive: CSR1000v 16.2.2 (csr1000v-universalk9.16.2.2-ext.qcow2) CSR1000v 3.17 (csr1000v-universalk9.03.17.00.S.156-1.S-ext.qcow2) XRv 6.0.1 (iosxrv-k9-demo-6.0.1.qcow2) OS XRv 9000 6.0.1 (xrv9k-fullk9-x.qcow2-6.0.1) ASAv 9.5.2 (asav952-204.qcow2) IOSv 15.6(2)T (vios-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SPA.156-2.T) IOSvL2 15.2(4055)E (vios_l2-adventerprisek9-m.vmdk.SSA.152-4.0.55.E) NX-OSv 7.3.0 (titanium-final.7.3.0.D1.1.qcow2) All downloaded from Cisco's VIRL downloads. Link and Password: [Hidden Content]
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    [hide][Hidden Content]] MOVED TOPIC Topic is moved to Cisco Section of TRAINING OFFERS & REQUESTS sub-forum and OFFER prefix added Kindly open topic in appropriate section with suitable prefix.
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    ITIL 4 now ready to buy. [Hidden Content] Does anyone have this books or links to download?
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    Hi guys me again Im sharing INE FTD training from Todd Lammle, Enjoy it ! [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Livelessons - Understanding Network Transports, by Russ White & Ethan Banks. [hide][Hidden Content]] Key: sToOLrKwfKU0ojocn3Oi5g
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    If anybody has this book please share it with us [Hidden Content]
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    [Hidden Content] Password for the archive in a text file [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Here you go "Pentester Academy – Attacking and Defending Active Directory" with 13 videos: [hide][Hidden Content]]
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