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    Ttile The Complete VMware vSphere 7 : Beginner to Advanced Summary Delve into advanced features, learn to use Vmware vSphere 7 as it was meant to be used, Full Practical Training Course Duration 24h Provider Udemy Download Link [Hidden Content] pass for archive - VMwareCertcollection Notes: Play with VLCplayer [Hidden Content] or POTplayer # Download Link Are Dead? Just Send me a message, or reply to this topic. i will upload soon.
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    [Hidden Content] keep seeding!
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    The next three books are very much a trilogy in Don and Jeff's approach to teaching PowerShell. Part 1 is their bestselling "Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches", the "pre-scripting" PowerShell book that covers the shell's inner workings, core patterns, and basic usage. Part 2 is "PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches", which covers the entry-level aspects of scripting, including the foundational narrative of "the right way" to build functions and tools. "The PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Book" picks up where they leave off, providing a rapid rundown of that "right way," and quickly moving into more "grown-up" scripting techniques, advanced approaches, data handling, and a lot more. Learn Windows PowerShell in a Month of Lunches (3rd edition) [Hidden Content] Learn PowerShell Scripting in a Month of Lunches [Hidden Content] The PowerShell Scripting and Toolmaking Book (Forever Edition [2020-06-30]) [Hidden Content] See also: Adam Bertram - The Pester Book
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    Cisco UCS (Unified Computing System) Hands-On Labs [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    try this one / thanks to the original / uploader [Hidden Content]
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    I am sharing IOT BlackHat 2020 training. I am not leaking it. LOL. Its already shared on some forums by a guy named "Alure" Import it in mega. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Thanks to community who share valuable study material Broken Link Updated [Hidden Content]
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    CBTNuggets - Ansible course [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Lynda(LinkedIn,TrainerTest) 7 Course password if need: sanet.st [Hidden Content] Direct link for few days [Hidden Content]
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    check again, but i think trainbit have problem, if still problem go to this link root trainbit, path "/training/training vsphere6.5/" [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Hi, the Knowledge Must Be Free. [@Dzinosky_] - Morocco You will learn how to write reliable exploits for the Win32 platform, starting with the basics of stack buffer overflows and exploit writing. Gain a solid understanding of the very latest in Win32 (stack-based) exploitation and memory protection bypass techniques. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    anyone have the new eCIR? [Hidden Content]
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    Get your stuff here - [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    NOTES: Please Quickly Download this all files. Contents eAres. eDFP. eIHRP. eMASPT. ePTP. ePTX. ePWD. eTHP. eWAPT. eWAPTX. eWPTX. eXDS. [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    i have right now vsphere7 foundation, but i search it [hide] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
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    Again this course was leaked by "ALLURE" on some forums. Download link : [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    @DimDim974 @NLW1990 @Hemendra [Hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Please can someone share the Configuring Cisco MDS 9000 Series Switches (DCMDS) v3.1 [Hidden Content]
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    This site has everything with direct links: [Hidden Content]
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    Here you go, PDF version (answers with explanation) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Another great share from @sallywally many thanks Once again for you MEGA lovers [Hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Hi, I took the ENCOR 350-401 exam a few days ago, I got 96X Score using this DUMP. I experienced only 02 new questions. The DUMP file [hide][Hidden Content]] Visual CertExam [hide][Hidden Content]] Good luck.
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    My Friend share this with me, i don't if they already shared here or not but it worth re-share them again. [Hidden Content]
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    Only SANS text and video materials. PDF: Video: [Hidden Content] Last magnet update: 2020/06/12.
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    Here is a Mega Link for azure-security-engineer-associate-az-500 these are just the videos and any notes [Hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Cisco Certified DevNet Associate (DEVASC 200-901) 1. Introduction to the Cisco Certified DevNet Associate Certification. 2. Getting Started with Software Development Using Cisco DevNet. 3. Consuming Cisco APIs and Understanding Application DevOps. 4. Managing Cisco Networks via Infrastructure as Code. This course also covers - Understanding Cisco DevNet Software Development and Network Programmability Fundamentals (Parts 2, 3 and 4) [Hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Swift 5 Programming for Beginners 100 + Coding Exercises [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Certified Vulnerability Assessor is one of the training courses(Stone River) Direct Link( only for 7 days) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    The Pester Book: The All-in-One Guide to Understanding and Writing Tests for PowerShell [Hidden Content] See also: Don Jones & Jeff Hicks - PowerShell trilogy books
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    All the elearnsec courses can be found here (direct links) [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    Clear and Simple VMware vSphere 6.7 Professional VCP-DCV (updated 9-2020) Udemy (Lynda) : Size: 4.38 GB | Duration: 13 hours | Rick Crisci Direct links for few days [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] On trainbit folder [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]]
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    Please can someone share the Implementing Automation for Cisco Data Center Solutions (DCAUI) v1.0 [Hidden Content]
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    vSphere 6.7 Foundations: Storage Author Rick Crisci Released 1/28/2020 1h 41m 30 days direct link password:sanet.st [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    I miss this share can you please reshare it in mega or google drive again because link is not working? Can you also share eJPT course if you have it.
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    confirm valid. my friend pass yesterday with 890 score [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    @basedgutta I have downloaded the file, and it is the same one that you can find on the page: [Hidden Content]. The videos are from PTX v1 not v2. Cheers
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    I've read that this is very siimlar to real Test Qs Google Certified Associate Cloud Engineer Practice Tests from udemy Sarat Gutha [Hidden Content]
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    LiveLessons - CompTIA Security+ SY0-601, by Sari Greene [hide][Hidden Content]]
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    @Deathdodger I need the below courses from John CBT Nuggets. * Understand the Nornir Automation Framework: [Hidden Content] * Automate Network Configurations with Nornir: [Hidden Content] * Understand Automation Security: [Hidden Content]
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    direct link for few days [hide][Hidden Content]] and link trainbit for 3 month [hide][Hidden Content]]
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