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  1. congrts for your pass , im doing mine now and im targeting August/September
  2. CCNA , CCNP , CCDA , CCDP , CCIE Written and CCIP i remember last time i took CCNA something ( not voice nor security )
  3. hi there my certifications will expire in august and i need to renew them by taking any Cisco exam , what is the easiest one to take , put in mind that ill 100% dump that exam as im not into cisco certs any more but its good to have my certs still up to date so in summary which exam has a valid dump and at the same time i can renew my cert status thanks
  4. i think we overpassed that already
  5. hey there did any body passed this exam recently ? is the labs still valid thanks
  6. +1 lets hear some additional comments before proceeding
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