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  1. Hi, Listen i share the updates.If you think K5 is not important for you don't do that.I hope you get K5 this time.Also vendor are not stupid.take care CCIEPACK
  2. Hi, One got in U.A.E two months back and in RTP month back Banglore also month ago.Hope People will work on K5. CCIEPACK
  3. Hi, Yes three people got this lab K5 which is 3.1 one in Bangalore,RTP and Dubai all had a surprise and all failed.For now no update.Bye CCIEPACK
  4. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  5. [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  6. HI, UPDATED CCIE SP SOLUTION V5.0 AND 4.0.ENJOY AND [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  7. Guyss, Enjoy version 5.0 [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD I will give 5 days to fulfill this request, please provide new links or the topic will be closed. Thanks and regards Reason for edit: Dead Links
  8. cciepack

    New lab

    Guyss, Enjoy version 5.0 [Hidden Content]
  9. HI ALL, Thanks to CERTCOLLECTION i got GB cert lab very very good and clear.DEC 2010 with latest DEC updates.GOODLUCK CCIEPACK
  10. SIR, One question before buy this.Is this a DEC 2010 CERT version.Thanks CCIE
  11. cciepack

    Narbik Wb

    Hi. You cannot crack it.take care CCIEPACK
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