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  1. hi, The plugings connscan, connections, sockets and sockscan are for Windows XP OS. more info check SANS FOR526. If you have a DNS connection to a public IP address not configured at the computer.... thats proof enough for me you have problems
  2. No, i´m not jejejeje
  3. Where did you find this?
  4. There is no OnDemand for Sans SEC760
  5. They have a new online course version (CyberCast). SEC760 isn´t available On Demand, but it will be available in CyberCast
  6. nimbur

    SANS SEC505

    this is from 2017 and incomplete, last 2 modules missing
  7. lazorde Search at github, there are a couple of projects in python to donwload them. Do you need help?
  8. sunrise1982 GCIH cert is the course SANS SEC504, here ([Hidden Content]) you´ll find the OnDemand and the pdf´s from 2017
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