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  1. Hi guys, Just to let everyone know. Also PearsonVue calls it the ITIL-F while Prometric calls it EX0-117. THEY ARE THE SAME EXACT TEST. Just each testing company has different test numbers for them. THIS DUMP IS VALID!!! EX0-117.pdf
  2. Dear Please share with free download option..Thanks
  3. Hi guys, i want to create IT environment diagram from existing/new environment for my better understanding IT architecture. as of now i know below types and MS visio manual drawing: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] anybody know other methods for designing or create the IT environment diagram by any tools...? please share the information about the tool.. ? advance thanks..
  4. Hi anyone having latest Train-signal ITIL v3 Foundation Training materials.. thanks in advance..
  5. hi, do you have the latest dump for the 70-662 and 70-663 exams...please share it..thanks.
  6. hi harry, i saw this follow link. [Hidden Content] in this they mention MCITP: Server Administrator/Virtualization Administrator will be in Infrastructure service and MCITP: Enterprise Messaging Administrator 2010 will be Software service. MCITP: Enterprise Administrator is not included that was my confusion as you mention i can chose my career path in AD Consultant but still i am working as sys-admin level support.so i am planning to go either Exchange/Virtual(both i have Knowledge).can suggest me which will be good. i am not quite sure how to be consultant..can some explain L2,L3 and Engineering working activity..that will be help me lot . Thanks in advance..
  7. very thanks to harry817 & sideshowtobs. Actually,i understood exams,guide& etc...in our forum. still my confusion is how can choses career path for windows Sys-admin/architect or consultant.please tell me which profile(in MNC)good for me. very sorry for delay replay.
  8. This software can create bulk accounts in Active Directory. Creating mass accounts in Active Directory is now a breeze and is done in one swoop. It is really simple to use and it is fast. In addition, the wizard mode generates a text file that lists all the user accounts and the associated random password. Once you have this list, you can print it out and hand it out to students, teachers, or whomever you see fit. This tool expands on the feature of B.A.C version 1. In the Excel mode, you now have the ability to create mass accounts in Active Directory by importing the data from Excel. Using the power of Excel, the program now gives you flexibility by assigning different values for different accounts. Program Features: - Fast and easy to use - Quick, Easy and Time Saving - Create the accounts in any Organizational Units (O.U.s) - Runs on any computer with XP or higher. Does not need to be run on the domain controller and computer does not need to have resource kit or other support tools installed. - This is a Stand-alone application that does not need to be installed. It is a very small file. Just double click it to run. - Shows real time progress of account creation with statistics on how long it took to run Wizard Mode Features - The Wizard mode does NOT require importing from any csv or any other text file, thus this saves you prep time. - The Wizard mode generates random passwords and so can the Excel mode as it can be customized to your liking - The Wizard mode generates a list of accounts after it completes and stores these in a text file and every time you run the program to create more accounts, it appends the new accounts to the end of the text file without erasing any old data you have. Each subset of accounts are easily identified because the top header of the file lists the location (O.U) of where the accounts were created Excel Mode Features - Can do everything the Wizard Mode can plus even more after a little prep time - The Excel mode gives you flexibility ~ There are 24 columns that holds user account attributes such as Name, email, phone numbers, password, group membership, manager, etc. ~ Each column can be of different values - The Excel mode is powerful ~ Depending on your Excel skills, you can apply random passwords or other values using Excel functions ~ If you aren't strong in Excel, no worries, this tool is so easy to use, you'll have no problems, especially if you view the short videos on how to use it. Description and Video :- [Hidden Content] download BAC and some useful small tools:- [Hidden Content]
  9. hi Team, i have 5yrs experience and completed MCITP: Enterprise Administrator and Enterprise Desktop Administrator 7... i have knowledge on hyper-v and exchange server... for my career grow path,how can i go either exchange or virtual server..please advise me really i am confused to make my target..
  10. Hi eceg777, You can find the torrent in below link.. My link [Hidden Content]
  11. hi all, Password: www.pcseven.com
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