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  1. Anyone got part 2? It is supposed to have been released. Thanks!
  2. Anyone got any dumps for this one? Thanks
  3. @naruto1983 The file still does not open. Nevertheless, thanks for the effort
  4. What about this one: In which scenario can you host the most instances on a server? A. Using only virtual machines B. Using microservices application C. Using only containers D. Using containers in virtual machines E. Using virtual machines in containers
  5. Can you provide a link which supports that? I cannot find anything clear
  6. Can you please provide the other 40Q? I am taking the exam in 10 days Thanks
  7. Lets discuss some questions shall we? What about this one: Which two PDU Fields can a service provider use to Mark the Layer 3 VPN traffic without Interfering with customer Marking( Choose 2) A. discard-class B. DSCP C. 802.1p D. DS-TE E. MPLS EXP bits What the heck do they mean? Where the SP should look in the customer traffic? If that so is should be B and C. What do you think?
  8. @ruzcastroj thank you. Let me get this straight. You passed recently using this dump plus another one with 40 questions? Where did they come from?
  9. Hello, I have found it and it is not very good to be honest. Scott's audio was very good though. I wonder if someone could reupload it.
  10. Thanks for replying. Multicast is on, that is why dense mode and sparse with BSR already works. Is the problem the L2 image? Can you guide me to the iron image please?
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