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  1. please use our sharing section - this is not the right place for your request thank you t-zwck
  2. OK. here is the forum part for posting exam experience and the passing exams. please don´t share files here. you can safely use our citrix area in sharing section. thank you t-zwck
  3. great list. the most training and accredidations are located in the vendor-partner programms. t-zwck
  4. not here on the board please do not post any kind of selling posts here t-zwck
  5. no request for training materials in our " i passed section". please open a request post in our " share section" thank you t-zwck
  6. looks like a share request thread. moving to share section t-zwck
  7. no request here in our "i passed section" please get familiar with our rules here. thank you t-zwck
  8. please don´t post requests in our "i passed section" use the share area thank you t-zwck
  9. no sharing here in our " i passed section" thank you t-zwck
  10. if you seeking material for this exam ... please open a request post in our sharing section thank you t-zwck
  11. please use our official "i passed topic for CLO-001" thank you t-zwck
  12. cosmic-confusion-in-an-organized-chaos dot com t-zwck
  13. this is the wrong place to ask for cracked content please get familiar wit our rules thank you t-zwck
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