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  1. Found this on another site. It even has the certcollection watermark. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. You use VTP pruning of stop the vlan flooding traffic into the switching domain. If you want to mimic pruning in transparent mode, you need stop the vlan spanning unnecessary switches. So only allow required vlans on the trunks.
  3. Test it. Configuring uplinkfast will indirectly change your switch priority
  4. Peterjj

    Frame Relay in K5

    Dont know what the question is, but if you cant use the physical. Try multilink interface Multilink1 description To Clearfly (MLPPP) ip address 208.88.XXX.YYY ip nat outside no ip virtual-reassembly ipv6 address 2607:F3D0:X:YYY::X/124 ppp multilink ppp multilink links minimum 1 ppp multilink interleave ppp multilink group 1
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