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  1. Found this on another site. It even has the certcollection watermark. [hide][Hidden Content]]
  2. You use VTP pruning of stop the vlan flooding traffic into the switching domain. If you want to mimic pruning in transparent mode, you need stop the vlan spanning unnecessary switches. So only allow required vlans on the trunks.
  3. Test it. Configuring uplinkfast will indirectly change your switch priority
  4. Peterjj

    Frame Relay in K5

    Dont know what the question is, but if you cant use the physical. Try multilink interface Multilink1 description To Clearfly (MLPPP) ip address 208.88.XXX.YYY ip nat outside no ip virtual-reassembly ipv6 address 2607:F3D0:X:YYY::X/124 ppp multilink ppp multilink links minimum 1 ppp multilink interleave ppp multilink group 1
  5. The CCIE is still a great cert, but no longer a decision maker when hiring people. Of course Cisco partners need the numbers, but it's no longer a confirmation of a best of breed engineer. When we hire ccie level engineers, the number is a plus but only if the experience strongly adds up. What people forget is that a ccie is a configuration expert. It does not mean you can design a network. So previously the ccie was the best way to confirm your skills. Thus the high salaries, Designers command high salaries, why would you pay a configuration expert a high salary?? Now with entry level engineers getting their numbers, why pay the high salaries for a number. Salaries have not dropped for the highly skilled guys, they still going up. Saying that the CCIE is a great way to develop your configuration, and IOS understanding. You will pickup skills that you might not see in 10 years of real world experience. The problem is in the real world, knowing how to configure something ten different ways is not the most important thing. To earn the CCIE level money everyone wants. You of course need the design experience of multiple vendors, but you have to be able to speak to the CIO at he's level. Install 100% confidence in a potential customer, that know what you doing. anyway you get my point. These Soft skills combined with great technical skills, gets you the money. I do disagree with CiscoTree about the color excuse. Where I work, most of us are foreign in some degree. What might make the color thing seem like an issue, is if you can not clearly communicate at a business level. Your language skills as so important, I can't stress that enough.
  6. An 1841 is a bit light for a 45mb circuit. I personally would not use anything smaller than a 2821, But then if thats all you have to use. Place a circuit in each device, that will atleast give you some redundancy if one to the devices fail. Placing both circuit into the 1841 is ill advised. If you the 1841 fails, and you loose two high BW circuit. It could be a career changer.
  7. Microsoft has finally realised their certifications are not worth the paper they are written on
  8. Well my collection is real small in comparison to you guys INE2.0 R/S E2E Narbik 2.0 And a shi*heap of books, and PDF
  9. London, it's 11:55am. Dark Cold, and wet.
  10. That is a very common thing in the UK. A recruiter calls you up with a fictional position, just to get details about the situation at your current company. Just tell then it is against company policy, and your not a liberty to say. You send them your CV, and then next thing you know they are calling the people you have listed as a reference. I personally don't provide the contact details of my references until the second interview.
  11. I agree the London market is not great at the moment, but there is still a lot of work out here if you have the right experience. What kind of position are you looking for, and what kind of experience do you have. If you have Cisco, with security skills you should be ok. But this all depends on the experience you have. Just dont make the mistake of thinking the more certs you have, the greater your worth. That might be true is some countries, but most defiantly not in the UK. Certs are great if you have the experience to back it up. An over certified junior engineer is just seen as a dumper. A dumper is seen as someone that "cheats". You dont want the person doing the interview's first impression of you to be that. If you have the CCNP, and CCSA. Thats great, what I would do is forget about any additional certs. Spend your time practising technology based scenarios. Look at things like technotes on the cisco site. Lab them up, doing this will apply all the knowledge learnt from the CCNP. When you get to an interview, you would be able to answer technical questions from the perspective of someone who has experienced the technology, not just the book answer. Also this time of year is not great in London, the budgets for next year are normally only available in Feb. So the hiring should pick up early Jan. Watch advice from instructors. Just remember. Those you CAN'T teach. Hope some of this advice helps.
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