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  1. i passed yesterday with 9xx, khachgiangh is valid, some of the answers is not correct so you have to check it , but overall it is okay for passing the exam even without double checking the corrects answers.
  2. it is still valid bro , most of the questions on exam is what you see in SPOTO files except 2 or 3 new questions which if you have studied hard you will be able to answer theme. try to remember the drag and drop questions.
  3. yes the file Written-RS.rar is correct one and i used it for my exam. there is some questions with wrong answers but most of them is ok and you can use it for your exam. good luck bro
  4. Hi every one I passed the exam yesterday. i can say that 95% of questions were from SPOTO that is shared on this topic, i got around 4 or 5 drag & drop questions . i got only one or two new questions. i want to thank all members of this topic which shared their experiences and their study materials with us.
  5. Please share your new files so we can go trough it. thanks
  6. if any one has PL352 please share it so every one can study and get ready for it.thanks
  7. @captaincook , I hope you clear the exam, please after your exam provide us any information that can help to clear this nightmare . i need to recertify too .
  8. Hi my friends. if any one has this file for cisco waas please share it with me. my device has been crashed an i need os image file to reinstall and recover it. thanks File name : WAAS-4.1.7b.1-K9.bin and WAAS-4.1.7b.1-rescue-cdrom-K9.iso
  9. Hi every one, i have searched a lot but i couldnt find this ios, if some one has this ios please share it. thanks cat4500e-universalk9.SPA.03.06.04.E.152-2.E4.bin
  10. thanks my friend. i searched it and i found it. in case any one need this ios im sharing it here [Hidden Content]
  11. Please kindly share ios c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.154-3.M4.bin or c3900-universalk9-mz.SPA.155-3.M1.bin if you have. thanks
  12. Hi . if anyone has image waas-universal-4.3.5a.1-k9.bin for waas please share it. thanks
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