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  1. Looking for a dump for 9L0-425. TIA
  2. gosh

    free .edu email?

    I'm looking for a free .edu email so I can get amazon prime free for 6 months. Does anyone know how to get one?
  3. can you reupload this? Im getting a file not found. Thanks
  4. I am new to the Mac world. I'm interesting in taking the Apple ACSP certifications exam, however Apple's website says this has to be taken at one of their testing centers. The only problem is I live in arizona, and there are no Apple testing centers in Arizona! There are testing centers in CA, Utah, NM, CO, but not arizona! So how do I take this exam other than driving 5 hours to Vegas ???
  5. I need newest answers for 70-461
  6. This thing doesnt work. I ran this on my computer, and a windows 7 x64 VM I created from scratch. Each time the apps install fine, but when i open the crack it doesnt find any cracks to apply to A+. I tried at least 3 times over a couple of hours. Im giving up i have better things to do than waste my time trying to install this.
  7. Stop pretending you are making these cracks. You arent. All you are doing is finding these files on other sites and posting them. Anyone can search google on 'vce 1.1.7' and find a ton of links to the same file.
  8. I dont get why someone would post a nonworking file. I would only post this after verifying it worked. Ive tried this version with my vce's and very few open. Whats needed is a new crack, not the same old crack recycled each release. Until a working crack is verified working 100% I recommend this thread be closed.
  9. is there an open source vce player? Im sick of this crappy software that needs to be updated every week. I still cant edit or view vce's because of that decrypt error.
  10. Its very frustrating ive spent a week editing a vce file. Then today when i went to save i got an error, and the file was now 0kb :*(. The dump is only available on one site and it appears the file is corrupt as im getting the same errors as everyone else. What avansoft has gone should be criminal.
  11. Anyone have an updated dump for this? All the ones out there are outdated
  12. This is also on rutracker - the worlds best torrent site. Once you create an account you dont need to know russian. There's 14 seeders and 5 leachers [Hidden Content]
  13. A friend recently took this exam and can verify the juggalo dump has all the questions. Some of the wording is slightly different, and the answers moved around, but youll have no trouble passing.
  14. Thanks to the Juggalo for this one 100% valid [hide][Hidden Content]]
  15. Thanks to the juggalo=- [hide][Hidden Content]]
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