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  1. did you get one,and did you attempt
  2. @ melihtasanerm did you get the study guide.also did you take the exam
  3. please add me to thr group.PM me the skype i.d
  4. Hi Can we form a study group to share ideas and try to explain some concepts.we can form a whatsapp study group
  5. mika

    CCDA 200-310

    could someone share the file.Its now in the owners trash
  6. hi all can someone share all the EVE-NG workbooks.i am new in this platform .ive tried to follow the thread but i could find what i needed
  7. can you share the whole questions .it seems its like the update.i dont have the other questions
  8. the link is broken /no longer available can someone upload it for me [Hidden Content]
  9. @ packetwhisper can you pick the quaestions that came into your exams this can help us build our own questions
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