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  1. Did anyone pass this exam ?
  2. @Moumar, Can you please contact me I am planing RHCE in Feb.
  3. Is there any latest new on RHCE exam ? I am planing in Feb.
  4. @GDjeong, Did you pass in 3rd attempt ?
  5. July 2016 old/old/old fail/pass/NA May 2017 new/new/newest /pass/pass/fail Planing for 3rd in Nov/Dec.


    Buddy, did u use spoto or some other vendor?
  7. reported variation not working at all. Not sure if these r real variations. I made as per requested but ISL never work at not sure if IOS issue. DC OSPF not working even pings to other devices dialer int is not getting IP. rest can never work like dmv or multicast
  8. Hey Buddy congrats. It seems old lab is going to be out of picture slowly. When did u attempt 1st one. I got all old in my 1st, I m not expecting anything older.

    passed all new

    RD/RT import export still confused, not sure whats is latest requirement and proper fix. Its basically game changer section. @hammadjx Can you please share what import export did u used ? and which solution did you followed for CFG and TS (CCIEMAN/JB/AACCIE) ??
  10. Really that guys just frustrating, If you dont have change information or u dont remember changes then u r just memorizing guy who never deserve pass. Forum is not for just getting "CONGRAT" its to helping others on the way.
  11. Everyone after exams says work hard study deep this everyone knows. people on group expecting variations not suggestions Please share what you followed and what was variation if any.
  12. I had issue in real lab, I was not getting required output, it was fixed after reboot.
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