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  1. any update ? or does anyone know which product is valid ?
  2. also Rapid 7 has a good footprint :-) go for free test with PoC and the knowledge get a good foundation !!
  3. Hi There, you probably check with Qualys - has a wide range of cloud tools - also Mcafee, imperva has these footprint .. hope that helps, thanks
  4. vimrul

    SD WAN

    @CCIEx7 I understand my point. IMHO, These days everything you need to know that's not important - how it works that's important to know...e.g. Not everyone needs to know how in an enterrise WiFi setup in a very strict secured environment, ppl use so many technique and various setup to lock down different sophisticated solutions yet How many enterprise use Forcepoint or CarbonBlack solution ? Seeing video is another way to quickly grasp those putting all together most - if not all. I usually like LM as the person behind tries to deliver in line of topics - most of the CBT come up with unnecessary information - we are smart cowboy - not developer - I dont need to apply IP Engineering expertise to fix a issue - which is tiresome, yes have a advantage but the speed we all need to deliver and compete NOT worth it. Anyway, this is my opinion and I have full honor to everyone's opinion. Do you have SD WAN for LM ? Which SD WAN Solutions you worked for and pitfalls ? Thanks,
  5. @ xoomtrack!! Could you please share the dump you followed - in regards to Answer - dis you find the correct Answer? As many fella noticed answer's are wrong. Thanks in advance
  6. @Furry411 I would say Please start the first 10 or 20 May be... I will start looking 20 from the last. The prob is seeing through VDO. anyway that's the beauty we need to admit. Have a good one
  7. Hi Fellow Team, Does anyone share Experience and Resources (ebook, Sample Q, Dumps etc. or even VDO training) for, 210-451 CLDFND Understanding Cisco Cloud Fundamentals (CLDFND) 210-455 CLDADM Introducing Cisco Cloud Administration (CLDADM) Appreciated always !! Thanks in advance.
  8. vimrul

    ceh v9 dumps

    Hi killerinstinct Do you know details ? thanks
  9. @coolio2341 Can you organize GB ?
  10. Hi There, Interested in Group Buy - if Someone interested !!
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