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  1. Looking for PCNSA dump, anyone who can share it.
  2. how did you know that? which location is that?
  3. Yal

    Diag 2++++

    if you got 50% they would not tell you the score, it would just say "met minimum cut-off score requirements" or something to that effect. well, unless they increased the cut-off score for diag.
  4. my friends who took the lab few backs say that task 3.2 (cert server) and task 4.3 (ssh to r1) don't work in the real lab. for task 3.2, do you need to re-configure (delete then add) the cert server on R17? for task 4.3, he could not retrieve the group Lab_Admin from AD even though join point to AD was successful. For those who appeared for lab already, what's your take on these 2 tasks?
  5. paste your ASA1v config here. could be something wrong with your trustpoint or you've not enrolled it yet.
  6. 591 or spoto workbook? my friend used spoto workbook/rack but he failed. they ask him to pay again for workbook and rack. no good. just use Rahul's workbook, you can find it on this forum under share section for ccie security.
  7. Yes, and needs to advertised under eigrp on R3. I think this is already pre-configured, if not advertise them. Also, make sure http is enabled on R3 as shown below: ip http server ip http port 8080
  8. add these static routes on R1/R2/R3 as shown below. no static route on ASA1V because it is directly connected to network R1: ip route R2: ip route R3: ip route
  9. sorry to hear that mate. hopefully you will pass in your next attempt. could you please share what TS/Diag/Cfg you got for each of your first 2 attempts.
  10. Here is the new download link from mega with the decryption key [Hidden Content]
  11. congrats. what's the new change for Task4.1? For task5.2, what's the new requirements.
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