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  1. Yes, I know this post is 4 years old......but better late than never... Have installed PI v3.0, replaced the flexlm files, applied the lic files...upgraded to PI v3., but am missing something in the above instructions to reenable root access...ultimately trying to get to v3.6 admin# shell Enter shell access password : Starting bash shell ... ade # sudo passwd root [sudo] password for admin: admin is not in the sudoers file. This incident will be reported. ade # Looking for assistance...thanks in advance...what am i missing? (its probably staring me in the face)
  2. I know its a while since its release... Would anybody be able to share "Lynda - SharePoint DesignerShare 2013: Custom Workflows" vids
  3. Yes...I know its a bit dated, but could anybody provide a current link to "Lynda - OneNote 2013 Essential Training"? Much appreciated if somebody could...
  4. Have not run across TroyTec before, but have seen the pdf for ROUTE from ExamsForAll...I think its safe to say that ALL dump providers are using the same source materials and just collate it into theirs...number of questions and last updated don't change by much from them...but if you do leave you email with ExamsForAll, they'll usually send out a monthly discount code Also have a look at PrepAway.com (currently offering 40% off this month), they offer free and premium dumps in .ete file format and use an exam simulator from Vumingo.com (its near identical to the VCE test engine), they also offer videos and study guides as part of the premium offerings
  5. No current plans for it...think i tried it at one stage, but x64 added to much bloat...this was always meant as a low resource/overhead implementation (for lesser spec'd systems)...being a x32 version its built from the Vista/Server 2008 (non-R2) version of Windows
  6. Have done a search but all the links have past their use-by date, hoping somebody could share: Lynda Sharepoint 2013 Essential Training Lynda Sharepoint 2013 Installation & Configuring a Test Environment
  7. Link updated for v13...sorry, its the most recent version i have
  8. A feature request perhaps? Looks to be some sort of soft phone...unfortunately to reduce the image size, the audio subsystem was removed from Win 7 Lite, so getting any soft phone to work is going to be an issue.
  9. I've not tried running this service and configuring IEEE 802.1x, however the service does start...without building a dot1x lab from scratch (not on the top of my to do list) do you have an exported UNL/EVE lab I can test against?
  10. Can't help you there with what those lab names mean, I usually build my own labs...
  11. WebIOU evolved into UNetLab, which has since evolved into EVE-ng. WebIOU was limited to Cisco's IOL packages and had a simple WebUI where you had to manually connect the nodes/interfaces to create a topology. EVE-ng has the ability to do multi-vendor packages and has a full WebUI for designing a topology. The EVE team didn't release a "lite" edition like was done with UNL (probably not to run the gauntlet of the copyright police). However, if you have UNL lite you can just transplant the images, otherwise you'll need to search for the images in the "IOS files" section of the forum. WebIOU is no longer being developed (for a few years now) and cannot be updated.
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