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  1. Can someone explain question 12 and 55....it looks like same question and different answers.. THANKS
  2. Q128 about SMURT attack (VARIATION 3)...i think it is incorrect E and G.... In SMURF attack ECHO request is not sent to Spoffed IP...it is send to brodcast IP from SPOFFED IP.....so i think correct is C and E
  3. Question....on Nexus 9000 you put Puppet as network management configuration tool....what about ansible? found somewhere Puppet is more of a configuration management tool, whereas Ansible is more of a provisioning, configuration and deployment tool.
  4. Even with your player and on other virtual system get error about key...can you reupload vce...
  5. What you use to create this vce...i tried to open it with different versions on A+ VCE player...but no luck... also try with avasnet VCE player...could not fetch decryption key....very interesting
  6. Congrats, Can somone discuss answers about Stelthwatch...all answers looks uncorrect.. It is silly to have correct answer that it using TCP SYN to detect anomalies....? THANKS
  7. You can share here VCE so we can all verify.
  8. Hm...i am reviewing you documents, Q14 about ASA packet classification when there is a shared interface MAC....you said that decission is based on NAT...option F, and option E where classification is based on ingress MAC you mark as wrong... even in your reference that you pointing to...option E should be correct. [Hidden Content]
  9. Which two protocols are used by one in Cisco IOS device? WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? WHAT KIND OF QUESTION IS THIS?
  10. In vmware u change boot sequence in BIOS for server, first boot device will be cd-rom, connect CD and put livelinux.iso and boot server...you will boot from live linux CD... and continue
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