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  1. Is it possible to share this please : [Hidden Content]
  2. Hi, Can you please confirm if you were able to use same process/files for 2.6 or was there some difference? I tried with 2.2/2.3 but it didn't worked?
  3. Hi. I was able to install 2.0 but unable to upgrade due to minimum processor speed required. Is there a way to bypass/skip the hardware check. Thank you!
  4. Just wanted to check if its working for others, it doesn't starts for me in eve.
  5. Hi, not very neat but you can sign up for safari free trial and download the book with the google chrome extension for safari.
  6. Hi Outcast, It will be highly appreciated and will be a great help if you can please re-upload it on mail.ru. Thanks!
  7. Hi Tommetje, Thanks for sharing these! I'm not sure if its just me who is facing this problem but im unable to open any of these files. I have tried to download it from FF and Chrome and tried to open it in ipad, firefox epub reader and sigil epub reader but the files are not opening. Thanks!
  8. It seems to be released in ebook format, if possible please share it [Hidden Content]
  9. Please review this, it may be helpful: [Hidden Content]
  10. 881 comes with universal IOS and may need correct license to enable BGP.
  11. 2 x VIC2-4FXO can be used to get total 8 ports: [Hidden Content]
  12. I haven't tried it but please have a look at the application shared in shares section for IP phones [Hidden Content]
  13. I guess Cisco no longer sells MCS and the devices are End of Sale, all ouir recent purchases are UCS with ESXi. In past we have received the MCS servers along with Installation Media for the softwares purchased and installed CUCM/Unity connection manually.
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