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  1. INE: CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Course $499 English | 1028x772 | TSCC | 15fps 1799kbps | PCM 352kbps | 26.88GB Genre: eLearning The CCIE Security Advanced Technologies Course uses a hands-on demonstration approach designed to provide you with a CCIE-level understanding of the technologies covered by the current blueprint of Cisco Systems' CCIE Security Lab Exam. It contains more than 26 hours of highly advanced instruction on cutting edge CCIE-level technologies. This course goes deep into the advanced implementation of the latest in Cisco Security technologies such as PIX, ASA, IOS firewalls, IOS-based security, attack mitigation, VPN's, identity management, and intrusion detection and prevention. Advanced Technologies Outline::Runtime 26.8hrs # Module 1 * Lesson 1 - ASA Overview * Lesson 2 - ASA Routing * Lesson 3 - ADA - ACLs/Failover * Lesson 4 - Failover * Lesson 5 - Contexts * Lesson 6 - Transparent Firewall # Module 2 * Lesson 1 - ACLs, lock and key ACLs * Lesson 2 - TCP Intercept / IOS Firewall Configuration * Lesson 3 - IOS Firewall tuning * Lesson 4 - Zone Based Firewall * Lesson 5 - VPN Introduction * Lesson 6 - VPN Configuration / Troubleshooting * Lesson 7 - VPN - IOS Certificate Authority # Module 3 * Lesson 1 - VPN - Certificate Map Config / Debug * Lesson 2 - ASA VPN Configuration * Lesson 2.5 - SSL VPN Configuration * Lesson 3 - Dynamic Multipoint VPN Intro/ Config * Lesson 4 - DMVPN Routing Configuration * Lesson 5 - VPN Features - ISAKMP Key Encryption * Lesson 6 - Group Encrypted Transport - Part 1 * Lesson 7 - Group Encrypted Transport - Part 2 * Lesson 8 - AAA Introduction * Lesson 9 - ACS GUI Interface Overview * Lesson 10 - AAA Command Authorization / Accounting Config # Module 4 * Lesson 1 - ASA cut-through TACACS+ * Lesson 2 - Cut-through Radius - Local vs DL Part 1 * Lesson 3 - Cut-through Radius - Local vs DL Part 2 * Lesson 4 - Cut-through Radius - Local vs DL Part 3 * Lesson 5 - Dot1x Configuration - Router as client * Lesson 6 - Online Documentation navigation / review * Lesson 7 - IDS / IPS intro * Lesson 8 - IPS part 2 - configuration * Lesson 9 - IPS - blocking configuration * Lesson 10 - IPS inline mode * Lesson 11 - ASA shunning / ASA IPS # Module 5 * Lesson 1 - Role Based CLI * Lesson 2 - Management - SNMP * Lesson 3 - Management - Logging * Lesson 4 - ASA Policy Tuning - MPF - BGP Example * Lesson 5 - Flexible Packet Matching * Lesson 6 - Switch Features * Lesson 7 - Attack Mitigation - Part 1 * Lesson 8 - Attack Mitigation - Part 2 More info: _http://www.ine.com/self-paced/ccie-security/bootcamps.htm#Training/ccie-sc-atc [Hidden Content] Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] All following useless "thank you" will be removed. CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD I will give 5 days to fulfill this request, please provide new links or the topic will be closed. Thanks and regards Reason for edit: Dead Links
  2. INE.com - CCIE Security V3 CCBootcamp & Internetwork Expert Security | 7.14 GB Genre: Training CCBOOTCAMP CCBOOTCAMP's eight instructor led, CCIE Security Video On Demand (VOD) Technology sessions will assist you in developing a better understanding of the CCIE Security Lab Exam Blueprint. You may purchase the Video On Demand's individually or as a package. The topics include: ASA, IOS Firewall, VPN, IPS, Identity Management, Control Management Plane Security, Advanced Security, and Attack Mitigation. CCIE Security ALL EIGHT SESSIONS CCIE Security - ASA CCIE Security - IOS Firewall CCIE Security - VPN CCIE Security - IPS CCIE Security - Identity Management CCIE Security - Control Management Plane Security CCIE Security - Advanced Security CCIE Security - Attack Mitigation CCIE-Security-Tech-Lab-wkbk-v3.0-ebook-Updated.pdf CCIE-Security-Advanced-Lab-Workbook-version-3.0.pdf Configuration files Lab Videos CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_2_IOS Firewall CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_3_VPN CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_4_IPS CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_5_ID Managment CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_6_Control Managment Plane Security CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_7_Adv Security CCBoot Adv Lab 1 Section_8_Network Attack Mitigation Internetwork Expert Security v3 Internetwork Expert Security v3 VOD Internetwork Expert Security v3 Workbook Set IEWB-SC-VOL-I-V5.Section.1.ASA.Firewall-Final IEWB-SC-VOL-I-V5.Section.2.IOS.Firewall.Final [Hidden Content]
  3. KelbyTraining - Photographing Children English | 854x480 | H264 | 29.97fps 789kbps | AAC 128kbps | 356.57 MB Genre: Training Capturing the personality of a child in a photo is challenging. A photographer has a limited amount of time to find what it is about that child that will make a great photo. Some kids are shy and some are outgoing. The trick is to take what they offer and be ready for the unexpected. Photographer Jack Reznicki goes through a series of portrait sessions with children, ranging in age from infant to toddler, to preteen. Jacks rules for children are simple: The first rule is to have fun. The second rule is to be flexible. The third rule is to throw out all the rules. Join Jack for some great instruction and tips for photographing children. Introduction (06:19) Baby Wrangler (09:10) Second Baby Shoot (03:06) Third Baby (03:42) Serious Toddler (04:55) Patience (06:05) More Bubbles (04:02) Two Girls (04:03) Rock Star (05:17) Pizza Pie and Cheeseburgers (03:47) Facial Expressions (06:05) Solid Colored Tshirts (06:15) Just Hanging Out (04:38) Conclusion (02:02) TOTAL: 01:09:26 [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  4. XenApp6 Offical Course & XenApp internals English | WMV 720x576 1423kbps 25fps | wmv2 209kbps | 765.30 MB Genre: Video training Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6- [Hidden Content] The Basic Administration for Citrix XenApp 6 training course provides the foundation necessary for administrators to effectively centralize and manage applications in the datacenter and instantly deliver them as a service to users anywhere. Learners will receive hands-on training for installing Citrix XenApp 6 for Windows Server 2008 R2 and the associated Citrix plug-ins, as well as for using administrative consoles and tools to configure resources, policies, server and server farm settings, printers, virtualized applications and more RDS and XenApp Internals – [Hidden Content] As an IT professional responsible for terminal servers and remote application delivery you need to dig beneath the surface if you really want to understand how the technology works. So let’s go on a journey right down to the core. In his session, I introduced the audience to advanced Windows Server 2008 Remote Desktop Services and Citrix XenApp concepts. This includes details about the system processes needed for remote sessions, the graphical user shell supporting RemoteApp programs, and the user logon sequence. I shared in-depth information on terminal server installation and execution modes and their impact on file system and registry. In addition to that, I showed how to modify related system settings in order to fine-tune your terminal servers and Citrix servers. -------------------------- Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] All following useless "thank you" will be removed. -------------------------- -------------------------- [ 7Blue] For additional links, check the Simba9978's post: -------------------------- [7Blue] Filesonic - Links checked on Wednesday, April 6, 2011 - [status: online links] // 7Blue [hide][Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]] Password default: Please post in correct sections. Topic Moved. CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  5. BRKRST-3320 Troubleshooting BGP - Cisco Live 2010 English | PDF, MP3, WMV | 636x476 | WMV3 91.0Kbps | WMA 320Kbps | 619.66 MB Genre: Training This document provides troubleshooting information for common problems with Border Gateway Protocol (BGP) [Hidden Content] No longer available
  6. Tutorial of Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0 [WMV] WMV | 1:17:31 | 30fps320kbps | wmav2 44100Hz 48kbps | 400MB This tutorial get a first look at the next version of Visual Studio for web developers. See how the new deployment tools enable frictionless transfers of web projects from machine to machine. Learn about the new code generation aides and the next generation of javascript editing and navigation tools. Finally, see how the updated WYSIWYG design view enables standards-based development. With Visual Studio 2010 and .NET 4.0, we are taking a huge step forward in giving individuals and development teams an advanced solution that enables them to build and deliver high-quality applications using some of the world’s most advanced technologies. In this webcast, we’ll explain how you can take advantage of some of the most exciting features like the modeling tools, test cycles, WF and WCF. We will cover as well the Parallel Extensions to the .NET Framework 4 and the Concurrency Runtime for Visual C++ 2010 that enable developers to leverage parallel computing. [Hidden Content]
  7. Flash Profesional CS5 - Creating a Simple Game for iOS Devices Video: avc1 MPEG4 (H264) .MOV | 2h 8m | Resolution: 960x600 | Audio: mp4a AAC 48000Hz | 204 MB Genre: Video training In this course, Todd Perkins shows how to use Flash Professional CS5 to create a game to play on iOS devices, utilizing device hardware like the accelerometer and integration with a local database. The course covers the game development from start to finish, including planning and preparation, character and background animation, creating interactions and scoring mechanism, and finally testing and publishing the app. Exercise files are included with the course. Topics include: * Optimizing assets * Planning game play and viewing class structure * Making the character move and jump * Adding sound effects * Adding accelerometer support * Creating reusable classes * Looping background animations * Detecting collisions * Using a timer * Increasing scrolling speed * Acquiring testing certificates and provisioning profiles * Troubleshooting performance issues * Submitting to the App Store [Hidden Content]
  8. Illustrator Insider Training - Rethinking the Essentials (DVDRip/2011) English | 05:08:16 | H264 | 960x540 | 25.00fps 217 Kbps | MP3 95 Kbps 48.0khz | 561MB Genre: eLearning Illustrator Insider Training: Rethinking the Essentials is the first installment in a series of courses designed to show experienced Illustrator users to how master core features and build art more efficiently. Adobe Illustrator has evolved dramatically over the years, and many creative professionals may be missing out on features that have been added to the latest versions. This course takes a fresh approach to core concepts, such as paths, attributes, object hierarchy, groups, and layers. Advanced techniques such as combining multiple effects and customizing textures are also included. Exercise files and a free worksheet are included with the course. Topics include: Targeting individual object attributes Adding multiple stroke and fill attributes Modifying appearances with live effects Applying effects to groups and to layers Understanding both selecting and targeting Copying artwork and appearances from layers Using the Outline Object effect Enhancing performance with the Rasterize effect Creating quick and easy captions and buttons Setting up a meaningful workspace Controlling the pixel resolution of effects [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  9. CCIE Network Infrastructure | 866 Mb Genre: eLearning Telehouse DatacentreAn important, yet frequently overlooked, consideration when choosing an Internet Service Provider (ISP) is the quality and physical location of its network infrastructure.Designed and implemented for maximum resilience and redundancy our self owned network is physically located at multiple Telehouse and TeleCity Group Data Centres in London.The combination of redundancy and state-of-the-art monitoring, backed up by onsite staffing 24 hours a day, ensures our customers websites, servers and connectivity solutions remain online when they need to be, around the clock, throughout the year. Network Overview The network has been built and deployed using state of the art Cisco Routers by our own in-house Network Administration Team, utilising redundant fibre based connections and multiple sites we now have over 2Gbps of uncontended transit connections and peering links. Namesco Network Diagram Transit is currently provided by: BT and Tinet Interlinks are at the Internet Exchange Points: LINX and LoNAP Additionally there are private peering agreements. Telehouse and TeleCity Group Data Centres Our view is that the best place for an ISP to locate their network is in the UK s purpose built Internet Data Centres. In these, all the UK s and most of Europe s major ISPs locate their equipment allowing the fastest possible speeds for connections and the best facilities in terms of security, environmental control, power resilience through multiple National Grid connections and on site generators with UPS battery systems, fire detection and suppression, water leak detection, and also offer the choice of data carriers from the various UK, European and Global transit providers. Utilising multiple data centres allows us to have site resilience for our core services, even in the very unlikely event of a data centre failing, we and therefore our customers, can continue to operate. BlueSquare Data Centre The new BlueSquare Milton Keynes data centre is one of the very few tier IV data centres in the UK. It was originally purpose built to the highest standards for a leading German bank, with BlueSquare taking over the site in March 2008. BlueSquare completely refitted all of the interior and exterior systems to a very high N+N redundancy level. The site benefits from dual diverse substations, as well as multiple diverse dark fibre providers offering an excellent choice in connectivity. Services Provided to Customers As an Internet Service Provider we provide a number of services to our customers, including: DNS Platform: DNS is the keystone for the Internet, and with our background in domain name registration, an area of the business we take very seriously. For Authoritive DNS, we operate an advanced DNS solution utilising three DNS servers in different locations and on different networks. For customer use, we also operate a number of Resolving or Caching DNS servers, ensuring only the most current DNS record for any domain name is returned and making DNS resolution as quick as possible for our customers. Email Platform: Our email platform cluster currently handles nearly 3 million emails every day which are passed through both anti-spam and anti-virus filters before being stored on our state-of-the-art storage platform offering over 15TB of storage space. Access to stored email is available via POP3, WebMail and IMAP. Hosting Platform: All our shared-server websites are hosted on two state-of-the-art server farms, with one cluster for our Linux hosting and another for the Windows hosting. Each server farm is composed of a cluster of servers behind a series of redundant load-balancers. This allows any of the servers in the cluster to be taken out of service for maintenance without affecting the performance of any hosted website. Data Backups: All three of our major platforms storing customer data are backed up both on the fly and daily to independent and resilient devices. Connectivity Platform: For our ADSL and SDSL Broadband services, we utilise multiple BT-Central Connections (pipes) from BT wholesale directly linking our network to all the xDSL enabled exchanges around the country. By having our own pipes it means we can completely control the speed and services offers to customers ensuring a contention free Internet experience. For Dialup services we operate our own dial platform for termination of inbound calls, this means we are in complete control of all the connections, and by terminating the calls on our own network we can minimise latency. Dedicated Servers: All dedicated server solutions for customers are deployed using the same grade of rack-mountable, high capacity servers used for our own services. With equipment sourced from a number of manufacturers including Dell, HP and Super Micro. Filtering: In accordance with ISPA best practice guidelines on declaration of in use filtering technologies, we filter incoming email using the following services: Zen Service from www.spamhaus.org [Hidden Content]
  10. Autodesk 2012 New Feature Videos English | FLV | 1280x720 | VP6 1200Kbps | MP3 128Kbps | 1.03GB Genre: Training Check out the videos about some of the new features found in Autodesk® Maya® 2012, Autodesk® 3ds Max® 2012, Autodesk® 3ds Max®Design 2012, and Autodesk® Softimage® 2012. For a complete list of the 2012 new features of Autodesk's Digital Entertainment Creation Tools, please visit our products section. More info: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  11. Enhancing Digital Photography with Adobe Photoshop CS English | MOV | SVQ3 117kbps | 880x660 5fps | MP3 64kbps | 1.39 GB Genre: Video Training A set of video tutorials on Photoshop from Lynda.com. Includes 13 hours of a variety of benefits, ranging from the simplest things to properly complex. By Video Tutorials included a nice index, contents and general hull. It should work as a Mac and a PC. Original description: "Enhancing Digital Photography with Photoshop CS with Chris Orwig will greatly increase the digital imaging skills and creativity of professional photographers, imaging professionals and enthusiasts. After first discussing color management skills, the tutorial advances to cover the features of Photoshop that are most essential to photographers such as the camera raw plug-in, the file browser, dust and scratches, the lens blur, shadows and highlights, advanced saturation, retouching, burning and dodging, curves for color and tone, black and white conversion, cross processing, creating panoramas , advanced sharpening, and much more. Exercise files (JPGs, PSDs and raw files) accompany the training, allowing you to follow along and learn at your own pace. " Screenshot: [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  12. Photoshop CS5: Deke's Techniques (Updated: 3/1/2011) English | 960x540 | H264 | 29.97fps 541kbps | AAC 128kbps | 422MB Genre: eLearning In MEL for Character AnimatorsDeke's Techniques is a collection of short Photoshop and Illustrator projects and creative effects that can be completed in ten minutes or less. The series is taught by computer graphics guru Deke McClelland, and presented in his signature step-by-step style. The intent is to reveal how various Photoshop and Illustrator features can be combined and leveraged in real-world examples so that they can be applied to creative projects right away. New techniques will be added to the collection each week. Current Techniques 18:03 Creating a molten letter effect 06:43 Setting type on fire 11:20 February 2011 Techniques 01:02:20 Creating a molten letter effect 00:06:43 Setting type on fire 00:11:20 Control smoothing with an anti-edge mask 00:07:20 Blending textures onto a face 00:09:31 Rendering a face as a cave painting 00:07:34 Creating a reflection in shattered glass 00:08:32 Creating a face in a tree 00:11:20 January 2011 Techniques 52:43 Creating ice type 00:08:39 Branding type on a texture 00:07:06 Creating an image-branding machine 00:07:13 Capturing effects with layer comps 00:07:35 Rendering type in gold 00:08:09 Creating a hammered metal background 00:05:48 Creating heavy metal type 00:08:13 More info: _http://www.lynda.com/home/DisplayCourse.aspx?lpk2=76067 [Hidden Content] CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
  13. K.Alliance - Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers Genre: Training | English | ISO | 2.68 GB With our innovative Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers training video course, the mysteries behind Active Directory and Windows Server 2008 are unveiled and easily understood. IT professionals strive for the best in their education, as it reflects their passion for their career and usable working knowledge. Administering all aspects of Active Directory is a necessary skill, one our Managing and Maintaining Windows Server 2008 Active Directory Servers course teaches for students requiring configuration, deployment and management capabilities in Windows Server 2008. Become indispensable to your company and yourself with the valuable insight gained from our courseware. Expert instructors lead the entire way, from Active Directory Server Deployment Techniques, server roles, controllers, replicators, and much, much more. Hands-on demonstrations, presentations, quizzes, labs and a comprehensive lesson plan awaits in our Windows 2008 training platform. Real world situations and their resolutions are part of the course. Students learn from expert instructors who bring their experiences to the class. Our IT training course is designed to help you succeed - not just in the study sessions but in the field as well. Total Course Duration: 6 hours 54 minutes 1.0 Planning Active Directory Server Deployment * 1.1 Introduction * 1.2 Planning Active Directory Server Deployment * 1.3 Deploying RODCs * 1.4 Deploying Active Directory on a Server Core * 1.5 Using Active Directory Server Deployment Technologies * 1.6 Deploying Active Directory Server Roles * 1.7 Methods for Adding Server Roles * 1.8 Adding Server Roles Demo * 1.9 Methods for Removing Server Roles Demo * 1.10 Summary 2.0 Managing Active Directory Domain Services * 2.1 Introduction * 2.2 Flexible Single Master Operations (FSMO) Roles * 2.3 Managing Sites and Replications * 2.4 FSMO Roles and Managing Active Directory Sites Demo * 2.5 Managing Read Only Domain Controllers (RODC) * 2.6 Managing Server Core Domain Controllers * 2.7 Managing Group Policy Objects * 2.8 Creating a Central Store for ADMX Files * 2.9 Creating an ADMX Central Store Demo * 2.10 Group Policy Troubleshooting * 2.11 Group Policy Preferences * 2.12 Delegating Active Directory Administration * 2.13 Configuring Group Policy Preferences Demo * 2.14 Restarting and Restoring Active Directory * 2.15 Summary 3.0 Maintaining Security for Active Directory Servers * 3.1 Introduction * 3.2 Manual Hardening Techniques * 3.3 Additional Server Hardening Mechanisms * 3.4 Applying Security Templates * 3.5 Security Deployment Using Group Policy * 3.6 Securing User Passwords in Windows Server 2008 * 3.7 Configuring Fine Grain Password Policies Demo * 3.8 Directory Service Auditing * 3.9 Enhancing Physical Security * 3.10 Configuring a Password Replication Policy Demo * 3.11 Physical Security for Writeable Domain Controllers * 3.12 Summary 4.0 Managing Active Directory Service Controllers * 4.1 Introduction * 4.2 Benefits of Online Responders * 4.3 Managing Certificate Enrollment * 4.4 Enterprise PKI Console * 4.5 Managing Group Policy Settings for AD CS * 4.6 Active Directory Lightweight Directory Services * 4.7 Managing AD LDS * 4.8 Active Directory Federation Services * 4.9 AD FS Management * 4.10 Active Directory Rights Management Services * 4.11 Administrative Groups * 4.12 AD RMS Dependent Services Overview * 4.13 Summary 5.0 Monitoring Active Directory Servers * 5.1 Introduction * 5.2 Why Monitor Active Directory Servers? * 5.3 Windows Reliability and Performance Monitor * 5.4 Logging and Reporting Options * 5.5 How to Monitor Active Directory Servers * 5.6 Establishing Baselines and Thresholds * 5.7 Key Performance Counters * 5.8 Summary More information: [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. K Alliance : Configuring Windows 7 Exam 70-680 ( 102 Video ) English | FLV 1024 kbps | 800x600 29.9fps | MP3 128 kbps | 4.3 GB Genre: Video training Microsoft Learning expects the MCTS Windows 7, Configuring exam to be a popular one, which is why you should definitely get a head start on preparing to pass it by taking our self-study MCTS Windows 7 certification training course. We have certified instructors teaching our MCTS Windows 7 training videos, which allows for you to receive a quality IT training that will help you enhance your knowledge to pass the exam. These experts have already learned all there is to know about configuring Windows 7 and they will show you everything in our self-study MCTS Windows 7 certification training course. The MCTS Windows 7 Configuring training videos feature tons of interactive components designed to help you learn faster and retain the information longer. Screenshot: [Hidden Content]
  15. Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 2 - Building a Twitter App English | 1280x800 | H264 | 29.97fps 347kbps | AAC 48kbps | 1.33GB Genre: eLearning Learn to build mobile applications for the exciting new Android platform. When you purchase this product, you'll get access to the videos, slide presentations, and code examples associated with the online course, Developing Android Applications with Java, Part 2. As you learn, you will build a Twitter app from start to finish. You can never have too many Twitter clients, as the market has already proven. We'll use a very comprehensive and useful library called twitter4j to do the heavy lifting for us, but there will be plenty of lifting left to do. We'll walk you through setting up sign ins, creating a public timeline, making sure your app is responsive and giving it style to stand out from the flock. Finally, for those times when 140 characters isn't enough, you'll extend your Twitter client to also post photos to the popular Twitpic image service. Overview: Build an Android Twitter App 1 - Getting Ready to Build a Twitter App 14 minutes 2 - O'Auth Twitter Authentication and Q&A 22 minutes Week 1: Getting Authenticated with Twitter 1 - Introduction and Review of OAuth 5 minutes 2 - Becoming an OAuth Consumer 19 minutes 3 - Is the User Authenticated? 13 minutes 4 - Loading Twitter's Authentication Page 11 minutes 5 - Saving the Access Tokens 37 minutes Week 2: Displaying Tweets and the Twitter Public Timeline 1 - Introduction to Loading Tweets and Threading 3 minutes 2 - Loading the Twitter Home Timeline 25 minutes 3 - Loading Newer Tweets 25 minutes 4 - Loading Older Tweets 11 minutes 5 - Loading on a Thread 27 minutes 6 - Showing the Status Detail View 15 minutes Week 3: Tweeting from Your App 1 - Introduction to Threads and Tweets 4 minutes 2 - Loading Avatars with Threads 13 minutes 3 - Loading Avatars with Async Task 35 minutes 4 - Loading Tweets with Async Tasks 14 minutes 5 - Navigating with a Menu 20 minutes 6 - Posting Tweets 15 minutes 7 - Wrap Up, Homework and Q&A 8 minutes Week 4: Adding Style to Your App 1 - Introduction to Skinning and Styling your Twitter App 7 minutes 2 - Creating a Theme with Colors and Fonts 30 minutes 3 - Styling Menus and Buttons 33 minutes 4 - Styling the Text Area and the List 24 minutes 5 - Styling for Different Screens 21 minutes Week 5: Posting Photos from Your App 1 - Introduction to Posting your Photos to Twitter 7 minutes 2 - Getting Ready for Photos 20 minutes 3 - Attaching a Photo from the Library 30 minutes 4 - Attaching a Photo from the Camera 28 minutes 5 - Posting a Photo 17 minutes 6 - Recap of course and Q&A 5 minutes By: Tony Hillerson Publisher: O'Reilly Media + creativetechs Released: April 2010 Run time: 9 hours 36 minutes More info: _http://oreilly.com/catalog/0636920010289 _http://creativelive.com/courses/developing-android-applications-java-part-2-partnership-oreilly Sceenshot: [Hidden Content] Do not post useless "thank you" post. If you want to see the content of the hidden links Please use the "Thanks" button as shown in the announcements [Hidden Content] Posting an answer will NOT reveal the hidden content. All following useless "thank you" will be removed. CLOSED AS LINKS ARE DEAD Thanks and regards
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