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  1. H.323 Gateways do not support "+" sign, they just can't carry it.
  2. Lead, cause it means you are sooo god in something that you can lead others.
  3. deim0nd

    CCME help

    In this case it's not an efficient way of using DID. See, if you have external numbers 335023[00-42], then you have to have internal numbers, for example, 300-342. In this case you can map external numbers to internal ones - 33502301 to 301, 33502302 to 302 and so on.
  4. deim0nd

    CCME help

    Hello, First of all, this has to be controller E1 0/0/0 pri-group timeslots 1-17 If you says about 16 simultaneous calls Next, why do you try to change 01 pattern to 501 in called numbers??? By the way as I see you have ephone-dns like 33502315 - in this case you do not need any translation profiles at all, because provider sends you this digits, you do not even need any dial-peer for incoming calls at all, default one will be working fine in your case. So just change controllers settings to the right ones. Also you can remove this dial-peers, seems like those are totally useless: If some issues left, please provide me the show isdn status command's result at least. Also debug isdn q931 while incoming call.
  5. There you can find it as torrent file: [hide][Hidden Content]]
  6. I have almost full CCIE Lab home and use one 2811 as FR/PSTN switch and also got CCME there for the PSTN 7960 phone control, 6 lines on 7960 allow to emulate plenty of different types of calls.
  7. deim0nd

    CCME help

    Hi, If your internal extensions consist of 4 digits for example, you can just create simple voice translation rule for inbound dial-peer,which will cut over first 4 digits: voice translation-rule 1 rule 1 /^3350(23..)$/ /1/ voice translation profile INC_CALLS translate called 1 dial-peer voice 1 pots incoming called number . translation profile incoming INC_CALLS So if you have phone with 2342 extension, anyone can dial 33502342 from PSTN, your incoming dial peer cut over 3350 and call goes to this 2342 ext.
  8. Hi, Take a look here and here. There you can find IOS versions necessary for CME 7.1 on GNS, appropriate configuration and workarounds for your flash issue.
  9. deim0nd

    GNS3 & Voice LAB

    Try this: [Hidden Content] And btw, what is DSB? maybe you mean DSP?
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