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  1. done with 945/1000 marks there is some new questions from glbp and access list lab is ip addresses different.
  2. I did CCNA, CCSP & CCIE (Written) and would like to give CCVP exam. my question is should I give first CCNA-voice and then continue to CCNP-Voice ?
  3. it will allow your internal user to get access the internet over dhcp adsl connection "fastethernet 0/0 is example of adsl port" ip nat inside source list 1 interface fastEthernet 0/0 overload access-list 1 permit ip any any
  4. CLI = Cash Line Interface Prefered way to perform tasks in RS.
  5. aaa authentication login default group radius group tacacs+ local how about this (we are discussing command not ip addresses, arn't we?)
  6. copy and paste your config here. you are using cisco packet tracer, you can do that. regards, Imran
  7. please add inspect rdp or fixup rdp XX and try imran
  8. After 4+ month study I cleared my CCIE R&S written with 972 marks. some questions are new, NON-English speaking country 150min, Study material used, cbt, CCIE Routing and Switching Exam Certification Guide, Third Edition, GNS, P4S, Testinside, on-job Experience, etc. Thanks to Allah help me to study. imran
  9. follow the 1st message, it works very nice. but p4s have now 395 questions this version has only 376 questions. best regards, Imran
  10. I download it from www.websense.com but only 30 days trial.
  11. any one have websense / smartfilter software please provide a link. best regards, imran Rapidshare link prefered.
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