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  1. do you have student guide on this one? can you pls shre? more thanks.
  2. this page should be archived and create an updated one like 2020...most of the guide versions are outdated.
  3. i think this is new..did you managed to remember questions?
  4. purposely posted those questions with wrong answers...so beware...double check
  5. can you compile it on a word document or make it a pdf? its user friendly so we can evaluate each questions.
  6. ya'll have the practice exams alredy?
  7. Hallo guys, pls post if you have this one ..share...thank you. kudos
  8. anyone pls post if you have ...thank you. kudos
  9. any JNCIP-SEC takers out there? any feedback on the exam? Please post if any review materials are available. kudos
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