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  1. Maybe we can collect money and buy online training and got book What do you think ? Price is €1,547 [Hidden Content]
  2. Abdurrahman84: So we are both willing to buy materials. kawsar: from my point of view it doesn't matter if I have exact lab. I need just know what will be required on exam. We need person who attended the course or has materials
  3. I'm interested too. Maybe there is place we can buy materials ?
  4. I need this dump to. Plase share valid.
  5. bajwaharry can you share actul test 240q ? I w
  6. Hi, Anyone has vital signs advanced workshop ? Thanks in advance for sharing warlock
  7. Man great job is too small to say. Thanks a logs. Maybe you have jb348 ?
  8. Thanks. Maybe anyone has newest materials ? I'm looking for rhd251 rhd361 rhd362
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