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  1. Hello Bro, Congratulation first of all.. I'm also planning to give exam this month.. I need your little help bro.. Can I have a chance to talk to you for a while? Can I get your skype ID privately.. ??
  2. Hello Guys, Ping me your number privately to add you in this group. We are preparing for CCIE Lab exam and want to finish it in 2019. If you would like to participate then ping me privately. Emails / Skype etc not allowed. Read the rules or get banned.
  3. Hi Add me also. Giving lab in April
  4. Hello, Please add me in your group. I'm planning to give exam in march
  5. Hi,, Add me also because I'm going to give lab exam in Sept..
  6. Hi.. I'm also interested to Join this group.. I'm planning to give CCIE lab in sept.
  7. I want to give exam as soon as possible.. Ping me skype ID so we can have discussion and prepare together.
  8. You try to give : # switchport port-security violation protect Because as I see your violation mode is shut down so you change the violation mode.
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